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Characters By Chapter
J. D. Hale
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Pro   Franklin   Trapper   70 year old retired Army Major. Considered a hero.
    Debra   Jane   Deceased wife of Major Trapper.
    Kerra   Bailey   Reporter.
1   John   Trapper   Son of Franklin. Private investigator. Worked at ATF.
2   Carson   Rime   Defense lawyer. John's friend.
3   Elizabeth   Cunningham   Kerry's mother. Died at 5 years old.
    James   Cunningham   Kerry's father. Recently deceased.
4   Glenn   Addison   Sheriff. Major Trapper's long-time best friend.
    Tracy       A young girl living in Sheriff Addison's home.
    Hank   Addison   Son of Sheriff Addison. A Preacher. John's boyhood friend.
    Linda   Addison   Sheriff Addison's wife.
5   Gracie   Lambert   Kerra's producer.
7   Petey   Moss   Hired to kill the Major.
    Harvey   Jenks   Hired to kill the Major.
9   Mark       Friend and college roommate of Kerra.
10   Thomas   Wilcox   John investigated when with ATF. First Kerra interview.
12   Emma   Addison   Hank's wife.
13   Travis       Works at the motel where Kerra is staying.
14   Tiffany   Wilcox   16-year old daughter of Thomas Wilcox.
15   Greta   Wilcox   Thomas's wife.
18   Marianne   Collins   John's former fiancĂ©e.
19   Berkley   Johnson   Thomas Wilcox's former bodyguard.
21   David       Marianne's husband.
22   Leslie D.   Duncan   Suspect in Major Trapper shooting.