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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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   Part 1
1JohnRebusProtagonist. Aka: Strawman, Monkey Man.
 DavidGilfillanThe man who works at Historic Scotland.
 LordHattonThe original owner of Queensberry House.
 FarmerWatsonRebus's boss. The detective chief superintendent.
 DerekLinfordThe detective inspector.
 JosephDickieThe detective sergeant. The informant.
 AlecCarmoodieMI5. One of the members of PPLC.
 PeterBrentThe Scottish officer representative.
 EllenWylieOne of Rebus's associates.
   PPLC - Policing of Parliament Liaison Committee.
 GrantHoodRebus's associate. One of the members of PPLC.
 JoeDickieOne of the members of PPLC.
 Duke ofQueensberyThe secretary of state.
 JamesDouglasThe duke's son. Earl of Drumlanrig.
 HughMcDiarmidA poet who writes a poem to Alicia. Aka: Christopher Murray Grieve.
 Marlene One of the archaeologists.
2SiobhanClarkeOne of Rebus's associates.
 SandraCarnegieSiobhan's companion. A rape victim.
 DavidCarnegieSandra's son.
3RoddyGrieveAn investment analyst. Murdered. Aka: Roderick David Grieve.
 LornaCordoverRoddy's sister. A fashion model.
 SeonaGrieveRoddy's wife.
 CammoGrieveRoddy's brother. A politician.
 HughCordoverLorna's husband. A rock star.
 RichardCordoverHugh's brother. A lawyer.
 AllanGrieveRoddy's father.
 AliciaRankeillor-GrieveRoddy's mother. A painter.
4JayneListerJerry's wife.
 NicHughesJerry's friend. A rapist.
 JerryListerJayne's husband. Nic's friend.
 Catriona Nic's ex-girlfriend. Bryce Callan's relative. Aka: Cat.
5Dougie The man who runs the city mortuary.
 ProfGatesDr. Curt's partner. The fiscal depute.
 Dr.CurtThe post-mortem doctor.
7ColinCarswellLinford's boss. Assistant chief constable.
 DonaldCamellA film director.
8GillTemplerThe chief inspector. Siobhan's mentor.
 ChristopherMackieThe man who committed suicide.
9MarciaTemplewhiteFormer health board worker.
10JosephineBanksRoddy Grieve's election agent.
 JohnSmithJosephine's former boss.
 BillieCollinsRoddy's first wife.
 PeterGriefRoddy and Billie's son.
 GwenMollisonOne of Roddy's political opponents.
 ArchieUreOne of Roddy's political opponents.
 SaraBoneOne of Roddy's political opponents.
 Rhona Rebus's former wife.
 SammyRebusRebus's daughter.
 PaBroonSammy's teddy bear.
 MargaretThatcherFormer Prime Minister of U.K.
 Hi-HoSilversA detective sergeant. One of Rebus's associates.
 BilliePrydeThe detective who interviewed Lorna.
 RoyFrazerBill's partner.
11Mr.RobertsonThe bank manager.
 GeorgeSamuelsMr. Robertson's predecessor.
 ValerieBriggsOne of Mr. Robertson's staff.
 Jimmy George's friend.
 RachelDrewThe lady-in-charge of the hostel. Mr. Mackie's acquaintance.
12AlasdairGrieveThe vanished Grieve's son.
 Paul A vinyl dealer.
 ProfessorSendakThe head of forensic pathology at Glasgow University.
13HamishHallRoddy's press officer.
14MatthewVanderhydeAllan's friend.
 EdwinMuirOne of Allan's colleagues.
 NaomiMitchisonOne of Allan's colleagues.
15PeterKirkwallJack's son.
 JackKirkwallThe man who built Queensberry House.
 DeanCoghillThe man who built the basement of Queensberry House.
 Doc Rebus's drinking partner.
 Salty Rebus's drinking partner.
 Gordon Lorna's suitor.
 BryceCallanBig Ger's successor. A gangster. Aka: Mr. Big.
 Morris GeraldCaffertyThe mobster Rebus had sent to prison. Aka: Big Ger.
   Part 2
 Dr.TalbotMr. Mackie's doctor.
 MissStanleyA social security agent.
 Desiderata Mackie's ex-girlfriend. Aka: Dezzi.
 RodHarkenThe arresting officer.
 GeraldSithingMackie's close friend. The leader of the knights of Rosslyn.
17MillieJenkinsBillie's student.
 Frankie Alasdair's business partner.
18IslaUreArchie's wife.
19MegCoghillDean's wife.
20TheWeaselBig Ger's assistant.
 RobertHillCafferty's co-prisoner and friend. Aka: Rab Hill.
21JohnHicksOne of the men who worked in Queensberry.
 Bert John Hicks's co-worker.
 Terry John Hicks's co-worker.
 Eddie John Hicks's co-worker.
 Tam John Hicks's co-worker.
 HarryConnorsJohn Hicks's co-worker.
 DodMcCarthyJohn Hicks's co-worker.
 BarryHuttonJohn Hicks's former co-worker. Bryce's nephew.
23JohnGrahamBarry's assistant.
25Yvonne Cat's friend.
27BobCowanThe interviewee.
 BlairMartineFreddy's solicitor.
 GerryReaganOwner of seismic storage.
28  SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder.
 ConorLearyThe reverend.
   Part 3
29BillNairnThe assistant governor.
31PaulineCarnettRebus's contact at National Criminal Intelligence Service.
 RichieCordoverHugh's brother.
 C. ArthurMilliganA big defense solicitor. Aka: The Big C.
35Claverhouse A police officer from Scottish Crime Squad.
 Ormiston A police officer from Scottish Crime Squad.
36BigPoA doorman from pubs and clubs. Rebus's acquaintance.
 Eck The chef.
 Houton The Bellman's owner.
 GordieBurnsThe Bellman's regular.
 John MichaelLorimerA criminal.
37CameronWhyteUre's solicitor.
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