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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1Martin LutherKing Jr.American Baptist minister. Leader of civil rights movement.
 RobertKraftOwner of New England Patriots NFL team.
 RobbyTebowTim's brother.
 PeterTebowTim's brother.
 ChristyTebowTim's sister.
 KatieTebowTim's sister.
 TimTebowNarrator and Author.
 Bryan Tim's long-time friend.
 Erik Tim's long-time friend.
 BillBelichickTim's coach.
 JoshMcdanielsThe Denver Bronco's coach.
 TomBradyThe star player of New England Patriots.
 TomHouseAn NFL trainer.
2RaviZachariasAn American-Indian author. A respected Christian apologist.
 HenriNouwenA Dutch Priest.
 MarkStuartThe former lead singer of Audio Adrenaline.
 MichaelJordanThe NBA GOAT.
 StaceyKingThe rookie of Chicago Bulls. Tim's friend.
 Paul A church missionary.
 SamWolgenuthAn American missionary.
3RickWarrenAn American author.
 DemaryiusThomasTim's teammate.
 DanielFellsTim's teammate.
 CharlesTillmanAn NFL player.
 JoeMontanaA famous NFL player.
 ChelsieWattsA girl with appendicial adenocarcinoma.
4LeBronJamesThe famous NBA star player.
 MarkSanchezThe NFL quarterback player of Jets.
 AliciaKeysAn American singer.
 MartyMornhinwegThe Jet's new offensive coordinator.
 MikeLondonThe football coach at the University of California.
5CharlesSwindollAn Evangelical Christian Pastor.
 Chip KellyThe Philadelphia Eagles coach.
 GarettLeopoldThe boy with hypoplastic left heart syndrome.
 SusanLeopoldGarrett's mother.
 ErichLeopoldGarrett's dad.
 AmandaPierceGarrett's heart donor.
 LauriePierceAmanda's mother.
 LeeStrobelA Christian apologist.
 GaryAlbersA man who suffered a dark childhood.
6Sherwin The boy on the cot.
 BearGryllsA professional adventurer.
 Brad Tim's friend.
 Kevin Tim's friend.
 EmilyAnsellA researcher at Yale University.
7MayaAngelouAn American poet.
 Robyn The woman with cerebral palsy.
   CP - Cerebral Palsy.
 SusanVanderlindeTim's tutor.
 Judah Tim's friend.
8JaredKleinsteinA Denver native who watched Tim's NFL game.
9PabloPicassoA Spanish painter.
 JimWilliamsA man who worked at Prison ministry.
 BaileyKnaubThe person who undergoes 75 surgeries.
 Boomer A boy with a Schizencephaly.
 Brooke Boomer's mother.
10FrancisChanAn American preacher.
 MebKelflezighiThe man who won the 2014 Boston Marathon.
 LindaEllisAn author.
 Maximus The Roman general.
 AnsleyJonesTim's friend.
 C.S.LewisA British writer and theologian.
 RoyLessinAn author.