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Kristian Fabricante
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   Part One
 Pres.EisenhowerThe current U.S. President.
 Vice Pres.NixonThe Vice President.
 DoloresPriceNarrator and Protagonist.
 LuAnnMasicotteTony's boss. A rich widow.
 Cookie The clerk at the package store.
 Mr.WeissA man who bought the land of Tony's parents.
 AnthonyPriceDolores's father. Aka: Tony.
 Zahra Mrs. Masicotte's fat dog.
 Mrs.NelkinDolores's teacher.
 Mr.HorvakThe school janitor.
 ThelmaHollandDolores's grandmother. Bernice's mother. Aka: Grandma Holland.
 AnthonyPrice Jr.Dolores's dead baby brother.
 HowardHanchinDolores's school seatmate.
 JeanetteNordDolores's new bestfriend.
 Samson Jeanette's cat.
 Delilah Jeanette's cat.
 Mr.NordJeanette's father.
 Mrs.NordJeanette's mother.
 Petey Bernice's parakeet.
 Mrs.HathewayDolores's pregnant teacher.
 Mr.DouvilleThe Prices's next door neighbor.
 Mrs.DouvilleMr. Douville's wife.
 GenevaSweetBernice's friend.
 EddieHollandDolores's dead uncle. Bernice younger brother.
 KittyCoffeyJeanette's friend.
 Donna Tony's new girlfriend.
 Bernice MarieHolland-PriceDolores's mother.
 Mrs.TingleyGrandma Holland's third-floor tenant.
 RobertaJaskiewiczDolores's new friend. Owner of a tattoo shop. Aka: Roby.
 Connie Owner of a Superette.
 BigBoyThe butcher. Connie's nephew.
 RosaliePysykStacia's twin. A girl who dislikes Dolores.
 StaciaPysykRosalie's twin. A girl who dislikes Dolores.
 SandraLillyDolores's teacher.
 MargaretFrancesThe school principal.
 FatherDuptulskiThe priest.
 RingoStarrA musician.
 DianneLennonA vocalizer.
 LiamPhippsDolores's classmate.
 KathyMahoneyDolores's classmate. The class president.
 WalterKnuppDolores's classmate.
 Leon Roberta's tattoo client.
 TheCanuckRoberta's 2nd husband.
 MarioZitoBernice's new lover. Aka: Iggy.
 JackSpeightRita's husband. The man who raped Dolores.
 RitaSpeightJack's wife. The new tenant of Grandma Holland.
 JudyMumphyGrandma Holland's church friend.
 DoloresDel RioA Mexican actress.
 SisterPresentationOne of the teachers at St. Anthony School. Dolores's teacher.
 NormaFrenchDolores's new friend at St. Anthony School.
 Kenny Norma's boyfriend.
   Part Two
 FabioPucciDolores's counselor at Easterly High. Aka: Uncle Fabio.
 SenoritaO'BrienDolores's Spanish teacher at Easterly High.
 Mr.McRaeDolores's tutor.
 Mrs.DunkelDolores's tutor.
 Dr.HancockDolores's psychiatrist.
 TriciaNixonThe U.S. President's daughter.
 Dr.PhinnyGrandma Holland's acquaintance.
 BobEubanksThe game show host of "The Newlywed Game".
 Mr.FrechetteDolores's physiology teacher.
 KatherineStrednickiDolores's college roommate. Aka: Kippy.
 DanteDavisKippy's boyfriend. Dolores's husband.
 Mrs.BronsteinDolores's 3rd year English teacher at Easterly High.
 IrvingSweetGeneva's husband.
 Derek Dolores's non-existent boyfriend.
 ArthurMusicA man who accidentaly kills Bernice.
 IngridGulpA fat history teacher at Easterly High. Aka: Bertha Butt.
 Gary Mr. Pucci's roommate.
 LarryRosenfarbPut wallpaper in Grandma Holland's house. Dolores's friend.
 RuthRosenfarbLarry's wife.
 TiaRosenfarbLarry and Ruth's baby.
 IdaBrockOld woman.
 Dottie Dolores's new lesbian friend and lover.
 Rochelle The dorm's president.
 JoeStrednickiAn electrician.
 Bambi Dolores's dorm mate.
 Tammy Dolores's dorm mate.
 Veronica Dolores's dorm mate.
 Naomi Dolores's dorm mate.
 Eric A culinary student. Kippy's boyfriend.
 StormyLaterraDolores's former classmate.
 GeorgeChakirisDolores's former classmate.
 Dr.LuDolores's history class teacher at Merton College.
 Marcia Avon representative. An officer in Dolores's dorm.
 JoniMitchellDolores's dorm mate.
 Zach Naomi's boyfriend.
 Michael Dottie's dead son.
 Mrs.NelkinDolores's former teacher.
 Mrs.RickenbakerOne of Dolore's college teachers.
 Mr.LaRoseThe principal at Merton College.
 Domingos Dolores's driver.
 Augusto Domingo's cousin.
 BrianSweetGeneva and Irving's son.
   Part Three
 Dr.ShawDolores's third psychotherapist at the mental hospital.
 Dr.NetlerDolores's first psychotherapist at the mental hospital.
 Dr.PragneshOne of Dolores's psychotherapist at the mental hospital.
 Manny Dolores's co-patient at hospital. Aka: The Masturbator.
 Lilian Dolores's co-patient at the mental hospital.
 Evelyn The night supervisor at the mental hospital.
 Depolito Dolores's nurse.
 Mrs.RopiekDolores's nurse.
 Anita Dolores's housemate at Project Outreach House.
 FredBurdenDolores's housemate at Project Outreach House.
 Mrs.SheaDolores's housemate at Project Outreach House.
 Rose MaryWoodsPresident Nixon's secretary.
 J.JFickettA man who likes to photograph coffins.
 Mrs.FickettMr. Fickett's wife.
 Nadine Dolores's psychic.
 EddieAnnThe girl who had a crush on Dante.
 JoleneBurdenFred's sister.
 MargueriteWingDolores's landlady. Chadley's live-in-partner.
 ChadleyMasseyDolores's landlord.
 Mrs.LagatuttaOne of Chadley's tenants. A nurse.
 HenryWingMarguerite's dead husband.
 Tandy A cashier. Dolores's co-worker.
 Rusty Tandy's fiance.
 Fanny Dolores's co-worker and friend.
 Boomer Dante's co-teacher.
 Paula Boomer's wife.
 Rafaela Dante's ex-girlfriend.
 VitaMarieDante and Dolores's unborn baby.
 Nick Dante's friend.
 ErnestHollandDolores's grandfather.
 Ashley Boomer and Paula's daughter.
 Mr.LamoreauxThe assistant manager at Grand Union.
 Ev Dante's friend.
 Sheila Dante's student and girlfriend.
 Mr.BuchbinderDolores's employer who paid her tuition fee.
 BeaGutwaxDolores's boss. A bake shop owner.
 RonnieGutwaxMrs. Gutwax's son.
 JacquelinePriceDolores's step-mother.
 Janice Dante's girlfriend.
 William Dolores's goldfish.
 Kathleen Dolores's goldfish.
 JohnnyWuOwner of China Paradise.
 Teddy Roberta's driver.
 Allyson A night class student at Dolores's school.
 Roy Dolores's teacher.
 Shiva Allyson's baby boy.
 ThayerKitchenDolores's classmate in her night class. A widowed man.
 ClaudiaKitchenThayer's wife. Jemal's mother.
 IdaBuchbinderMr. Buchbinder's wife.
 JemalKitchenThayer's son. Aka: Chilly J.
 AnnetteKitchenThayer's sister.
 Steve Thayer's gay friend.
 Dennis Thayer's gay friend.
 Ron Thayer's gay friend.
 Robert Thayer's gay friend.
 Lefty Thayer's gay friend.
 Dr.Bulanhagui Thayer and Dolores's doctor.