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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1StoneBarringtonRetired Detective. Protagonist.
 DinoBacchettiStone's friend. Vivian's wife.
 VivianBacchettiStone's friend. Dino's husband. aka: Viv.
 Joan Stone's secretary.
 ArthurSteele SR.Owner, chairman, and CEO of the Steele Group.
   The Casa Marina - The old hotel built by Henry Flagler.
 HenryFlaglerThe railroad guy who built the breakers in Palm Beach.
 George A well-built man living in the little house.
2Anna Shane's housekeeper.
 ArthurSteele JR.Arthur SR's son. Steele Group director.
 MegHarmonOwner of Silicon Valley Software. Steele Group director.
 HarryKaufeltA detective on the Golf Course Incident.
 MoeCramerHarry's partner.
   Steele Group - An insurance company.
 JackSpottswoodAttorney. Al's acquaintance. Owner Spottswood&Spottswood.
3AnthonyCarewSheila's husband. Suspected killer.
 SheilaCarewAnthony's wife. Suspected killer.
 GinoBelliniMeg's business partner. Suspected killer.
 VeronicaBelliniMeg's business partner. Suspected killer.
5BubbaWatsonThe guy trying to get left hand pro playing golf.
7Billy Jack's nephew.
 BettyKoelereHinckley Yacht owner.
8FrankSimmonsWorks at Harmony Software.
10JoeCrossGino's friend and hired killer. aka: Dirty Joe, Joseph Cross.
 JaneJillianJoe's girlfriend and Gino's hired killer. aka: Jungle Jane.
12MichaelFreemanViv's boss. aka: Mike.
13Fred Ex-military. Stone's housekeeper for his New York home.
 Helene Stone's waiter.
 Bob Stone's labrador retriever.
 Sugar Stone's surprise visitor. A dog.
 Arrington Stone's ex-wife.
 PeterBarringtonStone's son.
 BenBacchettiDino's son.
16MargoGoodaleStone's friend. Real Estate Agent.
19SethHotchkissStone's housekeeper for his Maine home.
 MaryHotchkissSeth's wife.
20EdRawlsStone's friend. Retired CIA.
 BretToddStone's yacht captain.
25TeddyFayWorks at tech support. Built and desiged Ed's rifle.
27Mr.GreenMaine State police officer.
28LanceCabotStone's ex-colleague in CIA.
31Mr.HarveyMakes cheques for Arthur.
32SelwynOlwakiOwns illegal firearms.
 StainslavBeriaKilled Mr. and Mrs. Bellini.
35Terry Waiter.
37TommyChangJoe's best friend.
 RenaCobbTommy's co-pilot.
 Sheila Tommy's secretary.
38BorisIvanovStainslav's security. Ex-Gru Military Intelligence.
39Gene Tommy's driver.
 Gloria Desk clerk at Pierre Hotel.
 Frank Tommy's assistant.
40GregZanoffBoris's lawyer.
42BobCantorStone's genius tech guy.
47MajorBuggThe real estate manager.
 George Major's driver.
48Dame F.DevonshireStone's friend.
 CharlesBourneOwner of the Real Estate Company. aka: Sir Charles Bourne.
49CarlAtkinsStone's security.
51BillEggersA managing partner of Woodman & Weld.
 JohnCowardMeg's senior partner and attorney.
  McMillanMeg's partner.
  CraneMeg's partner.
60KatharineLeePresident of the State in Washington, D.C.
 HollyBarkerKatharine's secretary.