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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1AidenPriceEmma's child. Deceased.
 JohnConstableA painter.
 AmyPerryAiden's teacher at primary school. Emma's friend.
 RobertHartleyAiden's father. Emma's ex-lover.
 EmmaPrice-HewittNarrator and Protagonist.
 JosieBarrattEmma's friend.
 JamieGloverA boy who broke Emma's heart.
 FionaCarterA girl that Jamie kissed.
 Mrs.FitzwilliamThe headmaster at Aiden's school.
2Angela The head teacher of Grade 7.
 Sumaira The head of the English Department.
 Tricia Sumaira's colleague.
 JakeHewittEmma's husband.
 Oliver Tricia's son.
4CarlStevensonA police detective.
 Dr.SchafferThe head of the pediatric ward at St. Michael's.
7SonyaHartleyAiden's grandmother. Rob's mother.
 PeterHartleyAiden's grandfather. Rob's fahter.
9Bump Emma and Jake's daughter. Aka: Gina Price-Hewitt.
10CathyFosterAiden's child therapist.
11DeniseEllisA policewoman. Aiden's security.
 MarcusHawthorneA policeman. Aiden's security.
 MatthewGreyA news reporter from the Yorkshire Post.
12Walnut Aiden's dragon stuffed toy.
14Hugh BarrattJosephine's husband.
16SimonGaryA news reporter from News of the World.
18ChristineHewittJake's mother.
19Carol A barmaid at the Queen's Head.
 Barbara A woman who lived in the downhill down from Aiden's school.
21Simon The IT teacher.
 Chris A young P.E. teacher.
 FionaWatsonEmma's doctor.
25JamesG. LennoxDuke of Hardwick. Arrested for possession of child pornography.
32MaeveG. LennoxThe Duchess of Hardwick. James's wife.
33SiobhanMichaelsThe manager of Sonya and Peter's holiday cottage business.
 BillyMichaelsSiobhan's son.
 RajPatelA child behavioral expert.
34Jamie Aiden's classmate who saw him leave during the flood.
35Sandra A girl who worked at the post office.
 Sam A man who worked at the post office.
 David Emma's art tutor.
 JackHawthorneA teacher of business studies at York Lifelong Centre.
36Fletcher Rob's weed dealer.
 GinaPriceEmma's mother. Aiden's grandmother.