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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1Joey ChristinaW. PerroneChaz's wife. Protagonist.
 Charles RegisPerroneJoey's husband. A biologist. Aka: Chaz.
 KarlRolvaagThe Broward detective.
2HankWheelerOwner of a casino resort. Joey's father.
 LanaWheelerHank's wife. Joey's mother.
 UrsaMajorThe bear trainor.
 Boris Ursa's star performer.
 CorbettWheelerJoey's brother.
 BenjaminMiddenbockJoey's first husband.
3MickStranahanThe man who saved Joey. An ex-military.
 Ricca JaneSpillmanChaz's mistress.
4Strom Stranahan's dog.
 Gallo The M.V. Sun Duchess Captain.
5Roger A pilot. Chaz's step-father.
 Samuel J.HammernutChaz's friend. Owner of a large farm.
 Susan A patent attorney.
6DottieBabcockA professional accident victim.
 Yancy The petty officer.
8NellieShulmanThe vice president for the Sawgrass Grove Condominium.
 Earl EdwardO'TooleMan who lived in the trailer outside of LaBelle. Red's bodyguard.
9HamiltonDisstonThe man who commits suicide.
 RoseJewellJoey's best friend.
11CarmenRagusoChaz's neighbor.
 Lisbeth Red's secretary.
13JerryLewisThe Mexican writer.
 Maureen The old lady at Elysian Manor.
 AndreaKrumholtzStranahan's first girlfriend.
14KipperGarthStranahan's brother-in-law. Katie's husband.
 KatieGarthStranahan's sister.
15SereneMedeaA refloxologist. One of Chaz's mistresses.
 Marta Chaz's boss.
17Randolph C. GuntherThe name listed on the tomb.
18Patrick Maureen's husband.
19JeanneSuzanneTool's wife.
20Pinchot The missing Pomeranian.
 BertMillerPinchot's owner.
 AddieMillerBert's wife.
22GordonNevilleA retired engineer.
 Roger The RAF pilot.
28Natacha The lady who works at the kitchen.
31LuisCordovaMick's friend. A storm trooper for the Park Service.
 MiguelZedilloThe Mexican novelist. The island owner.
 Pablo H. DuarteA prominent podiatrist who died in the car accident.
 Detective OgdenRolvaag's colleague.