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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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   Part One Slough House
 JacksonLambThe unpredictable leader of a group of spies.
 RiverCartwrightA British MI5 agent.
 SidonieBakerA competent MI5 agent. aka: Sid.
 RobertHobdenA journalist.
 Max A barman.
 JedMoodyOne of the MI5 agents.
 RoderickHoAn obnoxious computer expert and former hactivist.
 CatherineStandishThe office administrator and a recovering alcoholic.
 MinHarperAn agent.
 LouisaGuyAn agent.
 StruanLoyAn agent.
 KayWhiteCatherine's floor mate.
 PeterJuddA rising right-wing politician.
 Russell T.DaviesWelsh screenwriter and television producer.
 TimothySpallAn English actor.
 JohnFalstaffOne of the most famous comic characters in all English literature.
2JamesWebbAn MI5 agent based at Regent's Park headquarters. aka: Spider.
 DianaTavernerThe Deputy Director-General of MI5. aka: Lady Di.
 CharlesPartnerA double agent at the top of MI5.
3SamChapmanHead of the intelligence service's internal security force.
 NickDuffyHead of MI5's internal affairs and tactical unit.
 GeoffreyBoycottA former Test cricketer.
5DavidCartwrightRiver's grandfather. A retired MI5 officer.
 Kim A novel by Nobel Prize-winning English author Rudyard Kipling.
 Marjorie T.GreeneAmerican politician.
 W. SomersetMaughamEnglish playwright, novelist, short story writer.
 IngridTearyThe Director General of MI5.
 Tom Taverner's boy.
 Larry Curly's acquaintance.
 Moe An undercover agent. aka: Alan Black.
 Curly The one who murdered Moe.
 HassanAhmedA British-Asian student kidnapped by the far-right.
6RoyJenkinsA British politician, historian and writer.
7Wolfgang A.MozartAustrian composer of the Classical period.
 LeonardBradleyA former head of the Limitations Committee.
 RogerBarrowbyBradley's acquaintance. aka: Barrowboy.
   Part Two Sly Whores
9IsobelCartwrightRiver's mother.
 DanHobbsOne of Nick Duffy's crew.
 BusterKeatonAmerican actor and filmmaker.
10SebastianSleekRobert Hobden's acquaintance.
 Andrew LloydWebberEnglish theatre composer.
 DavidKellyA Welsh scientist and authority on biological warfare.
 DaveSpencerA well-known American journalist.
 MahmudGul2nd Desk at Pakistan's Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence.
 NicholasFrostA British actor, author, comedian, painter, producer.
12GregorySimmondsA wealthy businessman with right-wing.
 AdolfHitlerGerman politician.
13GordonBrownPrime Minister of the United Kingdom.
 BruceLeeHong Kong-American actor, martial artist.
 SimonDeanA tele-salesman for a life-assurance company.
16DanielRadcliffeAn English actor.
 JoannaLumleyA British actress and former model.