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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1  Early Labor
 SamHallowellA television executive.
 Ms. Mina Sam's wife.
 Christina Ms. Mina's daughter.
 Rachel Lou's daughter. Aka: Adisa
 LouannaBrooksMs. Mina's helper. Aka: Lou.
 Louis Ms. Mina's son.
   Active Labor
 Ian MichaelBarnesA baby who had a facial deformity.
 Edison WesleyJeffersonRuth's son.
 JessieMeyersA patient.
 MarieMaloneRuth's supervisor.
 CorinneMcAbotA nurse.
 Ella Marie's daughter.
 Dave Marie's son.
 Ruth JeffersonA nurse.
 TheaMcVaughnA patient.
 BrittanyBauerA patient. Aka: Brit.
 Lucille A nurse.
 Davis Brittany's son.
 Turk Davis's father.
 Dr. MarliseAtkinsA pediatrician.
 Mrs.BauerTurk's mother.
 FrancisMitchumBrit's father.
 RaineTescoA barista.
 Greg Turk's father's friend.
 Meat A Chichuahua.
 Bryce Edison's closest friend.
 Whitney Bryce's sister.
 Wesley Ruth's husband.
 TommyPhippsEdison's nursery classmate.
 Eliza A patient.
 George Eliza's husband.
 Micah An opthalmologist.
 Violet Micah's daughter.
 AlWojecwiczThe Director of Corrections at the New Haven facility.
 ArthurWangThe deputy director.
 Mrs. KennedyMcQuarrieA lawyer.
 HarrietStrongA Staff Attorney for the ACLU.
 Clarisse A massage therapist.
 Darla Kennedy's mother's friend.
 Yorkey Turk's companion.
 CarlaLuongoA lawyer.
 Twinkie A prisoner. Aka: Twink.
  MacDougallA cop.
 TomMetzgerFounder of Aryan Resistance.
 Virginia A nursing student.
 Mrs.BraunsteinA patient.
 Eli Mrs. Braunstein's first child.
 Felix Christina's son.
 LarrySawyerChristina's husband.
 Isaiah Ruth's uncle.
 Mr.AdamsonA history teacher.
 Tyana Adisa's older daughter.
 Mia Tyana's sister.
 Tabari Adisa's son.
 EdGourakisKennedy's colleague.
 HarryBlattKennedy's boss.
 HowardMooreA newbie.
 Joseph D. HawkinsA defendant. Aka: Joe.
 OdetteLawtonA prosecutor.
 Beattie A nanny.
 Sharon A stalker.
 RoarkeMatthewsA lawyer.
 DuPont A judge.
 LizaLottA prisoner.
 OfficerGatesA guard.
 Ms. Judy A judge.
 Wig A tattoo artist.
 Wanda An inmate.
 OfficerRamirezA counselor.
 Fergus Ms. Mina's dog.
 Misty One of Christina's friend.
 Kiera One of Christina's friend.
 WallaceMercyA TV show host.
 Rosa A maid.
 Nahndi Ruth's trainer.
 Mike A line worker.
 Mr.Herman Edison's teacher.
 TrayvonMartin African-American boy fatally shot in Sanford, Florida.
 Marge A regular customer at Mc Donalds.
 Walt Marge's husband.
 Allegria One of the customers at Mc Donalds.
 Consuelo One of the customers at Mc Donalds.
 Patsy Ruth's manager.
 MissThomasRuth's third grade teacher.
 Tyla Ruth's acquaintance.
 Mira Raine's daughter.
 Isaac Mira's brother.
 Sally Raine's wife. Aka: Sal.
 JackDeNardiHR employee at Mercy-West Haven Hospital.
 Leon Kennedy's uncle.
 Judge ThunderThe judge on Ruth's case.
 Mr.DennehyKennedy's friend.
 Drake One of Edison's friend.
 KendrickLamarOne of Edison's friend.
 Jeff The manager.
 Donne Tabari's brother.
 Josiah One of Violet's classmates.
 Taisha One of Violet's classmates.
 Lesley Kennedy's old classmates.
 Christie Ruth's Barbie doll.
 Fantasee Rachel's friend.
 PastorHaroldA priest.
 Jermaine Lou's father.
 MaddieBrooksJermaine's wife.
 Ava Kennedy's mother.
 CandaceWhiteA social justice educator.
 DerrickWelshOne of the jurors.
 Mr.JordanOne of the jurors.
 LilaFaircloughOne of the jurors.
 JamesBatsonOne of the jurors.
 IvanKelly-GarciaA neonatologist.
2  Pushing
 CarlThorheldsonTurk's acquaintance.
 ErichDuvalCarl's companion.
 IsaacHagerAn anesthesiologist.
 Dr. BillBinnieThe state medical examiner.
 Jiao A patient who used a Kangaroo Suit.
 Frida A dog.
 SengbePiehOne of the slaves.
 AdeleAdamsBrit's mother.
3  After Birth
 Deborah Turk's second wife.
 Cary Deborah's daughter.
 Ruth WalkerA nurse.
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