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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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ProReginaTorranceLive in the hills above Snow Creek. Aka: Reggie.
 Amy Regina's wife.
1MeganCarpenterA detective.
 RuthTurnerA complainant about her missing sister.
 IdaWheatonRuth Turner's sister.
 MerrittWheatonIda's husband.
 Sarah Ida's daughter.
 Joshua Ida's son.
 TonyGrayA sheriff.
2Hayden Megan's brother.
5KarenAlbrightA psychologist.
 Maria Megan's roommate.
 Rylee Megan's forgotten name.
8DanteYorkA future cryptozoologist.
 MaddieCohenDante York's off-and-on girlfriend.
 SamOtisA sawyer from Puget Logging Co.
9LarryLarsenA coroner.
10Jared A caretaker of animals.
11Dr.AndradeA pathologist.
13TedBundyAmerican serial killer.
 GaryRidgwayAmerican serial killer.
14Princess Angeline Chief Seattle's daughter.
15MaxineJacobsonOne of the Wheaton's neighbors.
16Chad One who worked at sheriff's office.
 Nan One who worked at sheriff's office.
19EarlJacobsonMaxine's husband.
 DanielAndersonOne of the Wheaton's neighbors. Aka: Dan.
20DanMillerOne of the Wheaton's neighbors.
21William J.WaltersAn army enlistee.
 GingerWaltersWilliam's next of kin.
 GingerRhodeRylee's aunt.
 Alex RichardRaderA serial killer.
 ShannonBlumeOne of the girls from Seattle-Tacoma who was murdered.
 MeganMoriartyOne of the girls from Seattle-Tacoma who was murdered.
 LeanneDelmontOne of the girls from Seattle-Tacoma who was murdered.
22BernadineChesterfieldA social worker and victims advocate. Aka: Bernie.
 Davis One of Megan's deputies.
 Copsey One of Megan's deputies.
24Mindy ScottNewsonA crime scene tech.
 Eve Ruth Turner's daughter.
25Dr.PhilAmerican television personality, author and host.
 Courtney Real name of Rylee's mother.
27JakeJacksonA news reporter.
32LaurnaVolkmanCarrie's sister.
 Hudson Laurna's brother-in-law.
 Carrie Hudson's wife
 EllieBurbankLaurna's niece.
 Hans Laurna's husband.
33JustinBieberCanadian singer-songwriter.
 Drake Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, actor.
 Halsey American singer, songwriter, and activist.
 TyraWhitcombEllie's best friend.
 TroyWhitcombTyra's father.
34ChantellePotterCarrie's neighbor and friend.
 SusanWhitcombTroy's wife.
36Mr.PotterChantelle's husband.
 Matt Chantelle's son.
 CarlTanzlerRadiologic technologists.
 Elena Milagrode HoyosCarl Tanzler's patient.
38MarleyYangLab tech supervisor.
43CliftonScottEllie's lawyer.
 PaulSingerSchool head administrator.
44BeckyWebsterA teacher.
45Miss Cathy School secretary.
50MarenMorrisAmerican singer, songwriter, and record producer.
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