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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   Part 1
2LillianPalmerMr. Trimble's secretary. Aka: Lily.
 HowardTrimbleLily's boss. Editor-in-chief of Philadelphia Examiner.
3Mrs.TrimbleHoward's wife.
 Mr.BaylorA society editor at Philadelphia Examiner.
 ClaytonBrauerA top crime reporter at Philadelphia Examiner.
5Stick A political reporter at Philadelphia Examiner.
 Mr.KlausenA landowner.
6Mr.SchillerA columnist at Philadelphia Examiner.
7RubyDillardThe girl who was sold by her mother.
 CalvinDillardRuby's brother.
 GeraldineDillardRuby and Calvin's mother. Aka: Geri.
8OrvilleWrightA famous inventor.
 MickeyDuffyPhiladelphia's prohibition gangster.
9MyrnaReedEllis's mother.
10SamuelPalmerLily's son.
11StanleyWalkerThe city editor at the Tribune. Ellis's new boss.
 PercyTateMr. Walker's assistant.
 PeteVernonEllis's new workmate. Aka: Dutch.
 WalterGaleA man who works at the train depot. Aka: Walt.
   Part 2
16Mr.WilsonThe Palmer's long-time patron.
18Mrs.StantonRuby's former teacher.
 Oliver Mrs. Stanton's student.
19Blanche The train ticket cashier.
20Dr.BerkinsGeraldine's doctor.
21AlfredMillstoneA banker from Long Beach. The man who bought Ruby.
24MissWestinGeraldine's landlady.
 DocSummersGeraldine's doctor.
26SylviaMillstoneAlfred's wife.
 Claire The Millstone's maid.
27Victoria AgnesMillstoneThe Millstone's late daughter.
28Dr.MannisThe town's doctor.
29GiovanniTrevinoOwner of a super club. Aka: Max.
   Black Hand - A group known for extortion of small businesses.
33GovernorRooseveltThe town's Governor.
34FrederickLowellThe director at Warren County Home for children.
 Mildred Mr. Lowell's assistant.
 BobGantryAda's wife. The man who adopted Calvin.
 AdaGantryBob's wife.
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