Characters - Alphabetical
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AstolatAbbottMercy Hart's solicitor.
LeilaAboulelaA Sudanese writer and playwright.
Ama AtaAidooAn author, poet.
BoluwatifiAkinCharles and Audrey's daughter. aka: Bolu
CharlesAkinA barrister.
ChimaobiAkinjideReal name of Charles Akin.
IsabelleArderyThe former DCS.
JaneAustenEnglish novelist.
AbeoBankoleOwner of Into African Groceries Etc. and butcher's shop.
MonifaBankoleAbeo's wife.
TanimolaBankoleAbeo's son. aka: Tani.
JaneBennettAmerican political theorist.
CesareBontempiSolange's husband.
SolangeBontempiTeo's mother.
TeodoraBontempiA detective sergeant. aka: Teo.
CatherineBoothMother of The Salvation Army.
NarissaCameronA filmmaker.
LewisCarrollEnglish writer, logician, Anglican deacon and photographer.
RossCarverTeo's husband.
ButchCassidyAmerican outlaw.
CharlieChaplinEnglish comic actor and filmmaker.
JosephCotterDeborah's father.
Juan Poncede LeónSpanish explorer and conquistador.
StephensonDeaconHead of the Press office.
Mrs.DelfinoBankole's neighbor.
CharlieDentonBarbara's acquaintance.
SofieFranklinTani's girlfriend.
DIHaleA detective inspector.
AudreyHamiltonAn anesthesiologist.
DorotheaHarrimanThe department's redoubtable civilian secretary. aka: Dee.
MercyHartEaster Lange's niece.
BarbaraHaversDetective Lynley's long-time partner.
DavidHillierThe Assistant Commissioner.
JadeHopwoodA detective sergeant.
GertrudeJekyllGarden designer, artist, editor.
EasterLangeA doctor.
MarjoreeLeeA forensic tech.
SalvatoreLo BiancoInspector from the Lucca police.
ThomasLynleyActing Detective Chief Superintendent. aka: Tommy.
ThomasMaloryEnglish writer, author of ''Le Morte d'Arthur''.
WinnieMandelaSouth African activist and politician.
Mrs.NevillePete's acquaintance.
ChimamandaNgozi AdichieA writer.
AliceNkataWinston Nkata's mother.
BenjaminNkataAlice's husband. aka: Benj.
WinstonNkataA detective segeant. aka: Winnie.
AdakuObiankaAn undercover agent.
Mr.OhDominique's acquaintance.
Mrs.OkinoTiombe's client.
FlossPhinneyPaulie and Mark's mother.
MarkPhinneyDetective Chief Superintendent.
MaryPrinceWriter and enslaved woman.
ChinaraSaniA Nigerian cutter. aka: Sarah.
DominiqueShawParliamentary undersecetary of state for the school system.
DeborahSt. JamesA photographer.
SimonSt. JamesDeborah's husband.
JuneTaylorA dancer/choreographer who has been hailed as the First Lady of Tap.
Pyotr IlyichTchaikovskyRussian composer.
ShirleyTempleAmerican actress, singer, dancer, and diplomat.
Lord AlfredTennysonBritish Poet Laureate.
DaidreTrahairThe woman which Lynley's was involved. aka: Edrek.
HarrietTubmanAfrican-American abolitionist and humanitarian.
PhilippaWeatherallA surgeon.
T.H.WhiteAn English writer.
VivienneYangA solicitor.
Alaska A cat.
Alice Bliss' acquaintance.
Bliss A hairstylist.
Colton Ross Carver's son.
Darcas Worked at the shelter for abused women.
Darius A cat.
Davrina One of Abeo's children.
Eileen Paulie's wife.
Elek Barbara's brother's son.
Elton One of Abeo's children.
Esme Mark's niece.
Fawzia Dr Weatherall's receptionist.
Goron One of Daidre's siblings.
Greer Pete's friend.
Gwynder One of Daidre's siblings. Gwyn.
Halimah Lim's mother.
Harold Winston Nkata's brother. aka: Stoney.
Helen Lynley's wife.
Jewel Winston Nkata's pen name.
Katie Solange's acquaintance.
Keisha Mercy Hart's child.
Kieran Colton's stepfather.
Lark Abeo's mistress.
Leylo Dr. Weatherall's patient.
Lilybet Mark's daughter.
Lim Simi's Nigerian friend.
Marco Lo Bianco's son.
Masha A baker.
Ned Zawadi's child.
Neda Barbara's acquainyance.
Omorinsola A Nigerian girl whom Abeo wanted his son to marry.
Ovia Tani's sister.
Paul Mark Phinney's brother. aka: Paulie
Peach A dog.
Pietra Mark's wife. aka: Pete.
Richard Adaku's acquaintance. aka: Dickon.
Robertson A retired male nurse.
Rosalba Teo's sister. aka: Rosie.
Simisola Tani's sister. aka: Simi.
Stuart Eileen's brother.
Tabby Alice Nkata's assistant.
Talatu Monifa's acquaintance.
Telyn Colton's mother.
Tiombe A hairstylist.
Victoria Narissa's acquaintance.
Wally Daidre's cat.
Yasir Leylo's husband.
Zaid One of the employees at Into African Groceries Etc.
Zawadi Orchid House's intimidating founder.