Characters - Alphabetical
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HassanAbdullahThe manager.
LiJingThe businessman's wife. One of the protagonists.
Wang LeiThe businessman. Li Jing's husband.
BeverlyPaynePetra's close friend. Aka: Bev.
JeremyPayneBev's husband.
MalcolmPayneJeremy's brother.
AngelinaRussellLorrie and Todd's daughter. Aka: Angie.
DeanRussellLorrie's son.
LoreleiRussellOne of the protagonists. The surrogate mother of Lei and Jing's child.
ToddRussellLorrie's husband. A soldier.
AdwoaShaibu-AliKwomi's mistress.
Alan Petra's builder.
Asaf The phone charger. Adwoa's brother.
Barry Petra's new lover.
Bomi The famous big tusker in tribal area.
Brendan Petra's ex-boyfriend.
Chika The man who helped Petra go to Kikanda.
Clarence Bev and Jeremy's worker.
Danielle Jing's friend.
Dede One of Ernestine's friends.
Delilah Jeremy and Bev's daughter.
Ellie Petra's grandchildren.
Ernestine A tall muscular woman.
Gary A pet store owner.
George Jeremy's friend and workmate.
Giti The town's witch.
Grace Ernestine's eldest daughter.
Gus Petra's grandchildren.
Irene Yawo's 2nd wife.
Janet Bev's sister-in-law.
Janie Paul's friend.
Kelda Lorrie's friend.
Kelda Lorrie's close friend.
Kwomi Ernestine's husband.
Lennox Petra's gay friend.
Lily  The owner of the beauty product store.
Marie-Louise Petra's roommate.
Marjorie Jeremy's mother.
Mavis The librarian.
Maxie Bev's friend.
Nancy Yawo's wife.
Panty Beverly's former geography teacher.
Paul Petra's husband.
Petra One of the protagonists.
Sally Jeremy's ex-girlfriend.
Sharlene Lorrie's consultant.
Sindy The girl at the tribal area that Petra met.
Tyler Lorrie's neighbor's son.
Yawo Nancy and Irene's wife.