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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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 AmberReynoldsNarrator / Radio Presenter. aka: Peanut.
 PaulReynoldsHusband of Amber Reynolds.
 MadelineFrostEmcee "Coffee Morning". Co-radio presenter Amber Reynolds.
 Jo Amber Reynolds's officemate / A producer.
 Matthew The editor of the radio programme / Amber Reynolds's boss.
 E.BKnightA best selling author / Guest at the "Coffee Morning".
   Coffee Morning - A Radio Program.
 EdwardClarkeAmber Reynolds's ex-boyfriend.
 Claire Amber Reynolds's sister. aka: Princess.
 David Claire's husband. aka: Dave.
 Mrs.MacDonaldAmber Reynolds's former teacher.
 AnneFrankA little girl who owns a diary.
 Taylor Amber Reynolds's former classmate / Amber Reynolds's friend.
 JimHandleyPolice detective who interrogated Paul Reynolds.
 Healey A Police Constable / Jim Handley's assistant.
 JaneWilliamsThe Editor of Savor-Faire.
 LouiseFordA broadcaster.
 KellyO'NeilA popular friend of Taylor.
 Carla The Forty-A-Day nurse / Amber Reynolds's nurse.
 NorthernNurseAmber Reynolds's nurse.
 Kate The girl in Cardiff who doesn't want to visit her mother-in-law.
 Anna A girl who hasn't spoken to her brother for over a year.
 John Amber Reynolds's old colleague.
 OliviaGreenKelly O'Neil's friend who bullied Taylor.
 Mr.SkinnerAmber Reynolds's teacher.
 Will An acquaintance of Amber Reynolds's grandmother.
 Roger A real estate agent.
 Tab Amber Reynolds's father's friend.
 Nicola Taylor's ballet classmate.
 Laura Paul Reynolds's co-worker.
 Katie Claire and David's daughter / Twin of James.
 James Claire and David's daughter / Twin of Katie.
 Beth A Social Worker.
 Emily Taylor's Doll.
 Digby Paul and Amber Reynolds's labrador.