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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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   Part One
1SamuelSooleymanProtagonist. A promising point guard.
 BeatriceSooleymanSamuel's mother.
 AyakSooleymanSamuel's father.
 CholSooleymanSamuel's brother.
 JamesSooleymanSamuel's brother.
2EckoLamThe basketball coach.
 FrancisMokaEcko's assistant coach. Aka: Frankie.
3AlekGarangThe best point guard in Missouri.
 WillSmithA popular actor.
 AngelinaSooleymanSamuel's sister.
4PeterNymalSamuel's bunkmate.
 DakMarialA famous high school basketball player.
7RiakKuolA merle from Upper Nile.
 QuintonMajokOne of Ecko's players.
8AwinoLeyanoQuinton's roommate.
9KooshKooshOne of Sooley's opponents.
10AbrahamBolA point guard in Ecko's team.
 Niollo A professional basketball player.
 DanielAbdul-GaberEcko's bigman.
11LonnieBrittThe head coach at North Carolina Central.
 JimmieAbaloyOne of Ecko's players.
12BenjieBooneA shooting guard at Kentucky.
15Emmanuel A little boy from Lotta who asked for Beatrice's help.
17MariaManabolThe South Sudan Embassy secretary.
   Part Two
20MurrayWalkerSamuel's new best friend and teammate.
22JasonGrinnelCoach Britt's head assistant coach.
 JackGarverOne of Coach Britt's assistant coaches.
 RonMcCoyOne of Coach Britt's assistant coaches.
 ShernanBattsOne of Coach Britt's new players.
 TrevorYoungOne of Coach Britt's new players.
23MitchRockerOne of Coach Britt's players.
25ChristineMoranThe French nurse.
26AbolPachThe U.K.'s shooting guard.
 Willis An assistant football coach.
 ErnieWalkerIda's husband. Murray's father.
 IdaWalkerErnie's mother. Murray's mother.
 Mr.KeyserThe man who works at IRC.
28DmitriRobinsA senior basketball player.
 DuffySundayA junior player.
29Robin Murray's girlfriend.
30JabariNixA sophomore point guard.
 DerellComptonJabari's best friend.
 HarryGreenwoodA junior forward.
 OfficerSwainThe police officer.
31NestorKymmAn Uganda national team coach. Ecko's friend.
32PaulManabolMaria's husband.
38MelvinMontgomeryThe junior center.
 BethuneCookmanThe junior center.
39JohnnyDawkinsOne of Duke's all-time best players.
 Mike GminskiOne of Duke's all-time best players.
 Christian LaettnerOne of Duke's all-time best players.
 Grant HillOne of Duke's all-time best players.
 Jay WilliamsOne of Duke's all-time best players.
 Kevin WashingtonOne of the NBA-bound freshmen.
 Tyrell MillerOne of the NBA-bound freshmen.
 Akeem AkamanOne of the NBA-bound freshmen.
 Darnell CorOne of the NBA-bound freshmen.
41Reynard OwenA basketball scout from Team Savage.
 Arnie SavageA basketball agent from Miami.
42Jerry BilesFlorida's head coach.
 Omar BrazealeThe 5th defensive player of the year.
49Coach WrightOne of the basketball coaches.
      Part Three
53 Meg  Reynard's girlfriend.
  Lynn KorbyThe point guard of Miami Heat.
54 Darell WhitleyA basketball player from Villanova.
  Van  One of Arnie's coaches.
  Hernan  One of Arnie's coaches.
55 Valerie  Sooley's girlfriend. Aka: Vallie.
  Adam SilverThe NBA Commissionaire.
56 Tiff  One of Vallie's friends.
  Susan  One of Vallie's friends.
  Rudy SuarezA Vikings pro quarterback.
59 Gary GastonAn advisor at Aegis Partners.
62 Tyler GuySooley's pro bono lawyer.
  Judge FurlowThe Justice.
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