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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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ProStephenDedalus KingLeo's brother who committed suicide. Deceased. Aka: Steve.
 LindsayKingLeo's mother. A school owner. Aka: Dr. King.
   Part 1
1EugeneHaverfordLeo's boss.
 Leopold BloomKingProtagonist and Narrator. Aka: Leo, Toad.
 BurbageEliotOne of Leo's neighbors.
 Mrs.WilsonOne of Leo's clients.
 CompsonBrailfordThe lawyer. One of Leo's clients.
 KingCharlesOne of Leo's clients.
 Virginia King Charles's spaniel.
 DarcyLutledgeOne of Leo's clients.
 OpheliaSimmsOne of Leo's clients.
 HenryBerlinA men's store owner.
 MaxwellSandlerLeo's family friend. A bishop. Aka: Monsignor Max.
 Cleo A Greek girl. Restaurant owner.
 MaryPolycarpOne of the nuns at the orphanage.
 CoachOgburnA retired football coach.
 AnthonyJeffersonThe new football coach. Ike's father.
 ChoppySargentLeo's football teamer.
2ClaytonLafayetteA teacher and security at the orphanage.
 SisterVeronicaA teacher at the orphanage.
 JoeMcBrideSister Veronica's student.
 StarlaWhiteheadThe runaway kid. Niles's sister.
 NilesWhiteheadThe runaway kid. Starla's brother.
 JasperKingLeo and Steve's father.
 MaryScholasticaOne of the nuns Leo talked to at the phone.
 Alexander The current judge.
 ShebaPoeThe girl that Leo likes. A famous actress.
 TrevorPoeSheba's brother.
 LouisaWhaleySheba's great-aunt.
 ReggieSchulerThe town's milkman.
 EvangelinePoeSheba's mother.
3ChadworthRutledgeOne of Jasper's friends.
 HessRutledgeChadworth's wife.
 SimmonsHugerOne of Jasper's friends.
 PoseyHugerSimmons's wife.
 MollyHygerSimmons and Posey's daughter.
 FraserRutledgeChardworth and Hess's daughter. Molly's best friend.
 ChadRutledgeFraser's brother.
 HowardDrawdyA famous quarter back player.
 IkeJeffersonCoach Jefferson's black son. Leo's football teammate.
 Rushton Ike's uncle.
 WormyLedbetterOne of Leo's football teammates.
 RedParkerCoach Jefferson's colleague.
4JacquelineCriddleLeo's therapist.
 HarringtonCanonThe antique dealer. Leo's boss.
5MaryMicheleThe mother superior of the orphanage.
 PiusXIIThe current pope.
6Gaillard The current Mayor.
 JohnConroyThe current Chief of Police.
 Mr.FergusonJasper's friend. A plantation owner.
7SisterPollywogOne of the nuns.
 BettyRobertsThe new girl that Leo met. Ike's wife.
 ZanAlexanderThe judge's wife.
 SeptimaClarkThe civil rights leader.
   Part 2
8KenBurgerLeo's friend from Washington Bureau.
 TommyFordLeo's friend and colleague.
 SteveMullinsLeo's friend and colleague.
 CharlieWilliamsLeo's friend and colleague.
 ShannonRingelA movie critic.
 TroySpringerSheba's ex-husband.
 Blossom One of Sheba's fan girls.
 CarlSedgwickSheba's first husband. An actor.
 AmeliEvansThe Editor-in-Chief of Daily Tar Heel.
 EllenWackenhutLeo's co-journalist.
 Nathalie Ellen's personal assistant.
 DesireeRobinsonThe first black judge.
 ThomasElfeThe town's famous cabinet-maker.
10VerneathaJeffersonIke and Betty's daughter.
 GeorgeBirlantAn antique store owner.
 ChristineAimarChad's lover. A paralegal.
 TommyAtkinsonAimar's boss.
 SoniaBiancaChad's secretary.
12BlairUptonOne of Sheba's husbands.
13MayorRileyThe current Mayor.
   Part 3
14SaulMarksA producer.
 Murray One of Sheba's assistants.
 HerbCaenLeo's columnist friend.
 JackCrossSheba's father. Aka: Houston Poe.
 AnnaColeThe new tenant from where Trevor lived. A lawyer.
 JohnSummeyAnna's talker. Aka: Anjit Patel.
 Mr.ChaoTrevor's landlord.
 LeslieAscheA waitress.
 MikeMcCourtA bartender.
15MacklinTijuana JonesA famous football player.
 JeffMcNaughtonAn AIDS victim.
 RexLamfordOne of the people who lived near Trevor's place.
 BarryPalumboRex's blind friend.
 LonniePalumboBarry's sister.
 AaronSatterfieldDeceased. An AIDS victim.
 OlinSatterfieldAaron's father.
 CleaSatterfieldOlin's wife.
16Thomas StearnsMcGrawA homicide detective.
 IsabelSummeyJohn's wife.
17BunnyBuncombeA football player who murdered his own mother. Trevor's friend.
 JoeBlowA restaurant owner.
 DavidBiedermannOne of Leo's childhood friends. A doctor.
   Part 4
18JuliaTramwellDr. King's secretary.
 JohnMcKissickThe famous high school.
 JohnMcGrathA football captain.
 Dr.ColwellLeo's family friend. A bishop. Aka: Monsignor Max.
 BettinaTraskWormy's girlfriend.
 JaneParkerDr. Colwell's assistant.
20Dr.ShermetaMr. Canon's doctor.
21Verga Mr. Canon's nurse.
 Dr.RayAn oncologist.
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