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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1  The Gentle Giant
 ClarenceSmoyerA gunner.
 PaulFairclothA platoon sergeant.
3  "Bubi"
 GustavSchaeferThe tanker operator. Aka: Bubi.
 Luise Gustav's grandmother.
 RolfMillitzerStaff sergeant.
4  The Fields
 WernerWehnerA veteran gunner.
5  The Foray
 DwightEisenhowerSupreme Allied Commander.
6  Beyond The Wall
 BobEarleyPaul Faircloth's replacement.
7  Respite
 MasonSalisburyClarence's company commander.
  DonovanA sergeant.
 ResiPfeifferClarence's girlfriend.
8  The Fourth Tank
 MelbaWhiteheadClarence's close friend.
 CharlieRoseA rookie lieutenant.
 Maurice RoseA major general.
 FrankAudifredThe tank's commander. Aka: Cajun Boy.
9  Hope
 JohnDanforthEasy Company gunner.
 ChuckMillerA gunner.
 CharlesCrane RoseLieutenant Charlie Rose's son.
 BillHeyChuck's commander.
 Lil Cajun Boy's girlfriend.
 HomerDavisAn ornery scrapper. Aka: Smokey.
10  Something Bigger
 WilliamMcVeyA driver. Aka: Woody.
  FahrniThe crew's driver.
 MalcolmMarshOne of the replacements to join A-company. Aka: Buck.
 BobJanickiBuck's foxhole buddy.
 Ruth Janicki's wife.
 HeinrichHimmlerReich leader.
11  America's Tiger
 OmarBradleySenior officer of the US army.
12  Two Miles
 HubertFosterClarence's friend.
 WilliamBoomBuck's platoon leader.
 RobertBowerA young lieutenant.
 RaymondJuilfsChuck's best friend. Aka: Juke.
 PeterWhiteOne of the survivors.
 JoeCasertaA driver.
 Darlene Juke's wife.
 Jimmy Ray Juke's son.
 JohnDeRiggiA loader. Aka: Johnny Boy.
  TruffinThe tank commander.
14  The Fire Department Of The West
 JosephGoebblesA German Nazi politician.
15  Going First
 BillStillmanActing company commander.
 LeanderDoanThe Task Force commander.
 ByronMitchellOne of the member of Squad 3/2.
 JoeDe La TorreOne of the member of Squad 3/2.
 FrankAlanizA radio technician.
 BillCarrierOne of the member of Squad 3/2.
 SylvesterVillaChuck's new commander. Aka: Red.
 AnnStringerOne of the female reporters.
 WilliamStringerAnn's husband.
 AnnemarieBerghoffA dental assistant.
 WilhelmBerghoffAnnemarie's father.
16  Victory Or Siberia
 WilhelmBartelborthA company commander.
 OttoLepplaA desk-bound commander.
 RobertMorriesA gunner.
 Cinda Morries's mother.
 Clara May Morries's sister.
 RichardBaughnOne of the doughboy.
 Opal Baughn's wife.
 Carolyn Baughn's daughter.
 KatharineEsserA grocery clerk. Aka: Kathi.
 Michael J.DellingA grocery store's owner.
  FriedelKathi's brother-in-law.
17  The Monster
 KarlKellnerA lead tank's turret.
 AndyRooneyAn army journalist.
 ErniePyleA legendary reporter.
 Cecilia Kellner's fiancee.
 JulianPatrickKellner's driver.
 JimBatesEarley's friend.
 Mina Gustav's mother.
18  The Conquerors
 Anna Annemarie's mother.
 Hattie PatMillerChuck's mother.
 WilliamMillerChuck's older brother.
 Beth Hattie's sister.
19  The Breakout
 HarleySwensonA tank driver.
 PhilDestHarley's gunner.
20  The American Blitz
 JackWelborneThe head of the Task Force Welborne.
 Mathews DeRiggi's replacement.
 JohnIrwinA rookie gunner.
21  The Fatherless
 ClydeReedOne of the rookies.
 DickSchneiderOne of the rookies.
 StanRichardsOne of the rookies.
 LutherJonesThe eldest among the rookies.
 Mike General Rose's son.
23  Come Out And Fight
 WalterBerlinThe A company commander.
26  The Last Battle
 Mason Jr. Captain Salisbury's son.
 Cindy Clarence's daughter.
 EugeneSledgerAn author.
 Wanda Buck's wife.
 Winona Chuck's wife.
 Uwe Gustav's son.
 Helga Gustav's wife.
 MarcHeironimusA history professor.
 MarionPutzAnnemarie's daughter.