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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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ProBrookeNolanThe narrator. A victim of sexual and domestic violence.
 Heather Brooke's victim advocate.
 DavidCarusoAn American actor.
1AdamNolanBrooke's brother.
 Cornelia Brooke's neighbor.
 MollyNolanBrooke's mother.
2DavidNolanBrooke's abusive father. Aka: Earl.
 ThomasNolanBrooke's younger brother.
 KatNolanBrooke's younger sister.
3Aladdin The protagonist in the movie Aladdin.
 Jasmine Aladdin's princess.
 Alyssa Brooke's best friend.
 Meredith Alyssa's mother.
4Bruce Brooke's uncle. Jean's husband.
 Jean Brooke's aunt. Bruce's wife.
6CristinVanderportBrooke's new friend.
 Dr.DestachioBrooke's doctor.
7Judd Brooke's guy friend.
 Mack Judd's friend.
 Chalky Judd's friend.
 Paul Judd's friend. Brooke's first boyfriend. Aka: Paulie.
8Sonia Brooke's classmate.
 Carmen Brooke's classmate.
 McDade The cheerleading coach.
 Lucille Brooke's cheerleading captain.
 ChrissyStiresBrooke's cheerleading teammate.
9JohnDeereA tractor owner.
 GinaMorettiPaul's mother.
 Jessie The former cheerleading flyer.
 Kendra Brooke's cheerleading teammate.
 James A drug buyer. Judd's client.
10JosephMorettiPaul's brother.
 LouMorettiPaul's father.
12Nikki Brooke's aunt. Molly's sister.
 Jake Brooke's uncle. Nikki's husband.
 EthanNolanBrooke's baby brother.
14Midge The Women in Crisis receptionist. Brooke's counselor.
15Mr.CaruzoBrooke's spanish teacher.
 Hemlorn The principal in Brooke's school.
 EliseShaferA woman who works at Children and Youth Services.
 Stufbaker A police officer.
16Ellen Molly's friend.
17Lea Paul's new girlfriend.
18Mr.SalorskiThe guidance counselor in Brooke's school.
19Ms.VanderportCristin's mother.
 Jason Dustin's friend. Brooke's new boyfriend.
20JudgeConstanceThe judge in Brooke's trial against her father.
21Mr.HeinzBrooke's history class teacher.
 Laura Jason's mother.
 Sam Laura's boyfriend.
22Jon Midge's brother.
 Smitty The policeman who helped Midge when she was young.
23Rob Brooke's lawyer.
 Melinda Heather's assistant.
24Dawn One of the jurors in Brooke's trial.
25Mr.SolakDavid's lawyer.
 Wilkin The judge on Brooke's trial.
29Anne Brooke's job interviewer.
30Dr.RussBrooke's former professor.