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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1KikiPew-FitzsimmonsMissing. Aka: Katherine Sparkling Pew.
 Robenson The last person who interacted with Kiki Pew. A bartender.
 Mauricio The supervisor of Lipid House.
 Dallas AustinPewKiki's grandfather.
 HuffCornbrightKiki's first husband.
 Fay AlexRiptoadThe co-founder of Riptoad's Compost and Iron. Kiki's friend.
 JerryCrossbyThe chief of police.
 Ellie Fay's friend who has dementia.
 Hoosker The crew in Lipid House.
 Jesus A member of Mauricio's crew.
 Gloria Jesus' wife.
 Esteban Jesus' young brother.
 TrippTeabullThe chief caretaker at Lipid House.
2AngelaArmstrongThe wildlife specialist. Aka: Angie.
 JonathanFleckAngie's client.
 JoelArmstrongDustin's son. Angie's step-son.
 DustinArmstrongJoel's father. Angie's former husband.
3ChanceCornbrightKiki's son.
 ChaseCornbrightKiki's son.
 JohnnySanfordThe co-owner of Safe N Sound.
4UricBurnsThe lead burglar.
 PrincePaladinUric's helper. Aka: Keever Bracco.
5Mockingbird The First Lady.
 KeithJosephsonMockingbird's security. Aka: Ahmet Youssef.
 Mastodon The President's code name.
6Martin The hairdresser.
 PaulRyskampThe U.S. secret agent.
 DiegoBeltranA migrant. The alleged suspect.
 Levonte The factory manager.
 Giardia The owner of Misshapen Critin. A pawnbroker.
 Inga Uric's mother.
7Spalding The assistant manager at Nikko's.
8Judith The woman at the tipster hotline.
 GermaineBraccoKeever's brother.
 DeeWyndham-WittiefieldKiki and Fay's colleague.
 Kelly BeanDrummondKiki and Fay's colleague.
 Dorothea MarsBristolKiki and Fay's colleague.
 Deirdre ComoLancomeKiki and Fay's colleague.
 Yirma SkyyFrickKiki and Fay's colleague.
 BarnetteWittiefieldDee's brother.
10Karma A performer.
 Farrah The dancer.
 FilomenaRicciThe owner of the stolen car.
 Mr.BroccoliDiego's companion.
11Baez Judith's supervisor.
12JenniferRoseThe female agent.
13Christian Spalding's co-worker.
14William Fay Alex's agent.
15AjaxHupplerA mechanic. Missing. Aka: Hammerhead.
 Strathman The first lady's lead agent.
 The KnobOne of the President's workers.
16Alexandra Dustin's girlfriend.
 Krista Joel's girlfriend.
 Philippe The server.
18Guppo The driver.
 TuckNutterA thief. The man who received an offer to kill Diego.
19JimTileClint's friend. A road trooper.
 ClintonTyreeJim's friend. The missing governor. Aka: Skink.
 StanleighCoboA bachelor brother of Deidre.
20SuziSpoonerThe alleged President's girl. An adult entertainer. Aka: Suzanne Brownstein.
21Beak The airboat driver.
 Megan Stanleigh's date. A spy.
25Mazelli The owner of the warehouse park.
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