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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   Part I: The Theater
1ArthurLeanderPlayed the role of King Lear. Died on stage.
 Edgar Arthur's co-actor.
 JeevanChaudharyA paparazzo who had a panic attack.
 WalterJacobiA cardiologist who helped Arthur.
 Laura Jeevan's girlfriend.
 Regan Arthur's co-actor.
 Cordelia Arthur's co-actor.
 Goneril Arthur's co-actor.
 KirstenRaymondLittle girl who played a non-script role. aka: Kiki.
 TanyaGerardKirsten's guardian. Wardrobe girl. aka: Tanya The Wrangler.
2Tyler Arthur's son.
 Frank Jeevan's brother.
3Hua Jeevan's closest friend.
5MirandaCarrollShipping Company Executive. Arthur's first wife.
 LeonPrevantMiranda's workmate and boss.
 ClarkThompsonArthur's best friend.
   Part II: A Midnight Summer Dream - 20 Years Later
7GilHarrisPlayed role of King Lear. Member of Travelling Symphony.
 August A man learning the part of Edgar.
 Dieter A man learning the part of Lear.
 Bernstein A horse on the King Lear Play.
 Alexandra The symphony's youngest actor.
 Olivia Tuba and Lin's daughter.
 Lin Actress. Olivia's mother.
   The Travelling Symphony - Performers who travel.
 ElizabethColtonArthur's second wife. Tyler's mother. Model actress.
 CharlieHarrisonKirsten's closest friend. Missing.
8Dr.ElevenPhysicist. Lives in a Space Station. A comic character.
   Dr. Eleven Vol1 No1: Station Eleven
   Dr. Eleven Vol1 No2: The Pursuit
 Luli Dog. A Fox-Dog-looking crossbreed. Owned by the prophet.
9Jackson Travelling Symphony member.
 Sayid Actor. Travelling Symphony member.
10CharlotteHarrisonCharlie's friend. Cellist.
 JeremyLeungCharlie's husband. Missing.
 Maria A local midwife. Charlie's midwife.
 Annabel Charlie and Jeremy's daughter.
 Alissa Maria's friend.
11Hamnet Shakespeare's son.
12TheProphetThe Prophet in St. Deborah by the water.
 LydiaMarksArthur's third wife and co-actor.
   Part III: I prefer you with a Crown
13Susie General Store CafĂ© waitress. Miranda's aunt.
 Pablo Miranda's ex-boyfriend.
14Luli Miranda's pomeranian.
 Hannah Leon's subordinate.
 Thea Hannah's assistant.
   Station Eleven - Dr. Eleven's space station.
 CaptainLonaganDr. Eleven's mentor.
 Victoria Arthur's friend.
15GaryHellerArthur's lawyer.
 Tesch A woman from Arthur's party.
16FrancoisDialloNew Petoskey's librarian. Conducted an interview with Kirsten.
   Part IV: The Starship
19Eleanor A 12 year-old stowaway.
20Viola An acquaintance of the Symphony.
23Sidney The Travelling Symphony's clarinet player.
24Finn A man with a scar on his face.
   Part V: Toronto
32PeterRaymondeKirsten's brother.
36Ben Survivor of the Georgia Flu Incident.
 Abdul Survivor of the Georgia Flu Incident.
 Jenny Survivor of the Georgia Flu Incident.
 GeorgeChaudharyJeevan's father.
 AmalaChaudharyJeevan's mother.
   Part VI: The Airplanes
39Laetitia Miranda's assistant.
40Tabitha Clark's assistant.
   Part VII: Terminal
42Emmanuelle A 16-year-old who was born at the Airport.
 Robert Clark's boyfriend.
43Max Business traveler.
 Tyrone A TSA agent.
 LilyPattersonA girl who needs effexor.
 Stephen Pilot.
 Roy Pilot.
 Dolores A business traveler.
 Annette A Lufthansa flight attendant. Clark's friend.
 Allen A school teacher and scout from Chicago.
46Daria Jeevan's wife.
 Michael Former truck driver.
 Edward A man whose wife had been shot.
 Dan Water INC Executive.
 Garrett Clark's friend. Works at the Airport.
 Nancy Garrett's workmate.
 Larry Garrett's workmate.
 Sullivan Head of security.
   Part VIII: The Prophet
49Clancy A true believer of the Prophet.
 Steve A true believer of the Prophet.
 Tom The prophet's young gunman.
51James Clark's assistant.
   Part IX: Station Eleven
53Quentin Arthur's director.
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