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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1   Alice   Howland   Harvard psychology professor. Tom's wife. aka: Ali.
    John       Biologist. Alice's husband.
    Lydia       Alice's youngest daughter.
    Josh       Alice's former Harvard classmate.
    Gordon   Miller   Stanford department head.
    Dough       Bartender.
    Malcolm       Lydia's boyfriend.
    Anna       Alice's older daughter. Works at a corporate law firm.
    Tom       Alice's son. Third year student at Harvard Medical School.
2   Dan   Maloney   Alice's student at Harvard.
    Eric   Wellman   Head of psychology department at Harvard.
    Charlie       Anna's husband.
    Jill       Tom's ex-girlfriend.
    Anne       Alice's sister who died in car accident.
3   Tamara   Moyer   Alice's physician.
    Michael       One of Alice's colleagues.
    Eric   Greenberg   Alice's former colleague at Harvard.
4   Marjorie       Eric Wellman's wife.
    Beth       Dan's wife.
    Morty       Took over Alice's teaching responsibilities.
    Dr.   Davis   A neurologist.
5   Denise   Daddario   Social worker.
    Charles   Shelton   Elizabeth's wife.
    Elizabeth       Alice's friend.
    Susie       Elizabeth's baby.
    Walter       Elizabeth's son who died at age two.
    Carolyn       Elizabeth's daughter who died at age five.
6   Stephanie   Aaron   Genetic counsellor.
7   Jess       Waiter.
    Bob       John's friend.
    Sarah       Bob's wife.
10   Sarah   Something   Neuropsychologist.
    Lucy       Dr. Davis's wife.
12   Catherine       Lydia's role in the play.
13   Leslie       One of Alice's colleagues.
14   Lauren       Alice's neighbor.
17   Christine       Alice's best friend from kindergarten.
20   Allison Anne       Anna's daughter.
    Charles T.       Allison's twin brother.