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Characters By Chapter
Jane Hale
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1 Naylor(Mr.) Mathematics Teacher of Louisa.
 Louisa E.ClarkNarrator. Protagonist.
 WillTraynorLouisa's ex-boyfriend. Deceased.
 Nathan Louisa's friend.
 LeonardGopnikMr. G. Louisa's employer.
 SamFieldingLouisa's boyfriend. Paramedic.
 TreenaClarkLouisa's sister. Real name Katrina.
 Thom Louisa's nephew. Treena's son.
 Ashok Porter at the Lavery where Leonard and Agnes resides.
 AgnesGopnikLeonard's wife. aka Mrs. G.
 Ilaria Leonard and Agnes' Housekeeper.
2MargotDe WittResident of Lavery.
 Mr.OvitzManaging Agent of Lavery.
 Dean Martin Pug. Dog of Margot.
 TabithaGopnikLeonard's daughter. aka Tab.
3George Agnes' trainer.
 Patrick Louisa's ex-boyfriend.
 Michael Leonard's assistant.
 Garry Agnes' driver.
 Donna Former co-worker and partner of Sam.
4LilyTraynorWill's daughter.
5Joshua WilliamRyan, III Works for Securities Firm. Will Traynor's look-alike. Aka Josh.
 Kathryn GopnikFormer Mrs. Gopnik.
6Paula Agnes' best friend.
 AndrĂ© Former masseuse of Leonard.
 Jake Sam's nephew.
7CamillaTraynorWill's mother.
8KatieIngramSam's new partner.
10BernardClarkLouisa's father.
11Randy Works at Grand Pines Country Club.
 MaryLanderAssistant House Manager at Grand Pines Country Club. Retiring.
 EmmettHenryMember of Grand Pines Country Club. Lawyer.
 DoraHenryEmmett's wife.
 Libby Dora's nurse.
 Dean Gym buddy of Nathan.
 Arun Gym buddy of Nathan.
12Lydia Cashier and co-owner of Vintage Clothes Emporium.
 Angelica Lydia's sister and co-owner of Vintage Clothes Emporium.
13Zeinah Mother of the Syrian refugees that Louisa's mother is teaching English.
 Dymphna Neighbor of Louisa's parents.
 Maria Hotel Toilet Attendant. Acquaintance of Louisa's mother.
  Edwards(Mrs.) Neighbor of Louisa's parents .
 Nadia Youngest child of Ashok.
 Abhik Ashok's son.
 Rachana Eldest child of Ashok.
 Meena Ashok's wife.
 Eddie Treena's supposed boyfriend.
16VeronicaGopnikWife of Leonard's brother.
18Andrew Neighbor of Louisa's parents.
  Kemp(Mrs.) Neighbor of Louisa's parents.
 Ronnie  Neighbor of Louisa's parents.
 Marjorie Member of the club that Louisa's parents previously belongs.
 JosieClarkLouisa's mother.
19Tanya H.MillerLily's mother.
 StevenTraynorWill's father.
 DeliaTraynorSteven's wife.
20Zofia Agnes' daughter.
21Tim Josh's cousin.
23FrankAldridgeMargot's former boss.
 TerrenceWeberMargot's husband. Deceased.
 FrankWeber Jr.Margot's son. Dentist.
25LaynieWeberWife of Frank Weber Jr.
 VincentWeberaka Vinny. Laynie and Frank Jr's son.
 MitchellDumontHead of Mergers and Acquisitions. Josh's boss.
 Maya Mitchell's wife.
 Jeffrey Works in Sales and Marketing at Josh's office.
 Chrissy Jeffrey's wife.
 Debbie Josh's sister-in-law.
 FelicityLiebermanCo-worker of Josh.
26Albert JohnComptonaka Granddad. Louisa's grandfather.
28ConnorAilesJosh's competition for promotion.
 TrentTrentJosh's competition for promotion.
 ScottMackeyJosh's competition for promotion.
29Charlie Acquaintance of Margot from a Long Island Hotel.
 Diane Leonard's secretary.
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