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Jeffrey Hale
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    1. The Human
1   Science Versus Humanism
 Charles Darwin English naturalist, geologist and biologist.
2   The Mirage of Conscious Evolution
 E. O. WilsonThe greatest contemporary Darwinian.
3   Disseminated Primatemaia
 James LovelockIndependent scientist, environmentalist, and futurist.
 Jared DiamondAmerican geographer, historian, and author.
 Reg MorrisonAuthor.
 Lynn Margulis American evolutionary theorist and biologist.
 Thomas MalthusEnglish cleric and scholar.
 Leonard C. LewinAmerican writer.
4   Why Humanity will Never Master Technology
 Bill JoyOne of the pioneers of the new information technologies.
 Joseph StalinSoviet Georgian revolutionary and politician.
 Chairman MaoFormer Chairman of the Communist Party of China.
5   Green Humanism
 Brian J. FordIndependent research biologist, author, and lecturer.
 Dorion Sagan American author, essayist, fiction writer, and theorist.
6   Against Fundamentalism - Religious and Scientific
 Sigmund FreudAustrian neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis.
 Bertrand Russell British philosopher, logician, mathematician, historian and writer.
 Plato  Philosopher.
 Augustine  Philosopher.
7   Science's Irrational Origins
 Galileo  Italian astronomer, physicist and engineer.
 Paul Karl Feyerabend Austrian-born philosopher.
 Nicolaus CopernicusRenaissance-era mathematician and astronomer.
 Marcus Tullius CiceroRoman statesman, orator, lawyer and philosopher.
 Karl PopperAustrian-British philosopher and professor.
 Albert Einstein German-born theoretical physicist.
 Isaac NewtonEnglish mathematician, physicist, astronomer, theologian, author.
 Tycho BraheDanish nobleman, astronomer, and writer.
 Johannes KeplerGerman astronomer, mathematician, and astrologer.
8   Science as a Remedy for Anthropocentrism
 Erwin SchrödingerNobel Prize-winning Austrian physicist.
 Werner HeisenbergGerman theoretical physicist.
 Julian BarbourBritish physicist.
9   Truth and Consequences
 Socrates  Greek philosopher.
   Heinrich German physician.
 Thomas Hobbes English philosopher.
 Tertullian  Theologian who lived in Carthage.
10   A Pascal for the Enlightenment
 Blaise Pascal French mathematician, physicist, inventor, Catholic theologian.
11   Humanism Versus Naturalism
 Jacques MonodOne of the founders of molecular biology.
12   Straw Dogs
 Joel de RosnaySciences and scientific writer, President of Biotics International
 William GoldingNovelist.
    2. The Deception
1   At the Masked ball
 Immanuel Kant German philosopher.
 Arthur Schopenhauer German philosopher.
2   Schopenhauer's Crux
 Thomas HardyOne of writers deeply affected by Schopenhauer philosophy.
 Joseph ConradOne of writers deeply affected by Schopenhauer philosophy.
 Leo TolstoyOne of writers deeply affected by Schopenhauer philosophy.
 Thomas MannOne of writers deeply affected by Schopenhauer philosophy.
 Arnold SchoenbergAmerican-Austrian composer.
 Giorgio de ChiricoItalian artist and writer.
 Georg Hegel German philosopher and an important figure of German idealism.
 Karl Marx German philosopher, economist, historian, sociologist.
 David HumeScottish philosopher, historian, economist, and essayist.
3   Nietzsche's 'Optimism'
 Friedrich Nietzsche German philosopher. son of a Lutheran minister.
 Lou Andreas- SalomeNietzsche's lover.
 René DescartesFrench philosopher, mathematician, and scientist.
 Dionysus  Ancient Greek cult of the god.
4   Heidegger's Humanism
 Martin Heidegger German philosopher and a seminal thinker.
 Meister EckardtGerman theologian, philosopher and mystic.
 Angelus SilesiusGerman Catholic priest and physician.
 Edmund HusserlHeidegger's old friend and former teacher.
 Karl LowithGerman philosopher, a student of Husserl and Heidegger.
5   Conversing with Lions
 Ludwig WittgensteinAustrian-British philosopher who worked primarily in logic.
 John AspinallGambler and conservationist.
6   'Postmodernism'
 Protagoras  Pre-Socratic Greek philosopher.
7   Animal Faith
 Baruch SpinozaJewish-Dutch philosopher of Portuguese Sephardi origin.
8   Plato and the Alphabet
 Fritz MauthnerAustro-Hungarian novelist, theatre critic and satirist.
 A. C. GrahamWelsh scholarcand Sinologist.
10   The Poverty of Consciousness
 Rebecca Stone MillerAuthor of Art of the Andes.
 Antoni Gaudí Architect known as greatest exponent of Catalan Modernism.
 Max Ernst German painter, sculptor, graphic artist, and poet.
 N. K. SandarsBritish archaeologist and prehistorian.
 Anton Ehrenzweig Austrian author and psychoanalyst.
 O. PotzlNeurologist.
11   Lord Jim's Jump
 Benjamin LibetPioneering scientist in the field of human consciousness.
12   Our Virtual Selves
 Francisco VarelaCognitive scientist.
 R. A. BrooksRoboticist and author.
 Eugene MaraisSouth African poet and naturalist.
13   Mr Nobody
 Goronwy ReesWelsh journalist, academic and writer.
 T. H. GreenEnglish philosopher, political radical and temperance reformer.
 Gregory BatesonEnglish anthropologist, social scientist, linguist.
14   The Ultimate Dream
 Henepola GunaratanaBuddhist meditation teacher.
 Chuang-Tzu  Chinese philosopher. Aka: Zhuang Zhou, Zhuangzi.
15   The Experiment
 Pyrrho  Founder of Greek Scepticism.
 Alexander  King of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon.
 Adi SankaraIndian philosopher and theologian. Aka: Shankara.
 Nagarjuna  Indian philosopher
 Yang ChuChinese philosopher. Aka: Yang Zhu, Yang Zi, Yangzi.
 Leo ShestovRussian writer.
    3. The Vices of Morality
1   Porcelain and the price of life
 Kaspar Utz Character from Bruce Chatwin's novel Utz.
 Bruce ChatwinEnglish travel writer, novelist, and journalist.
 Roman FristerThe prisoner who stole the cap.
3   The Unsanctity of Human life
 William LannerThe man whose grave was opened by Dr George Stokell.
 Dr George StokellMember of the Royal Society of Tasmania.
 Arthur KoestlerHungarian-British author and journalist.
 George Bernard ShawIrish playwright, critic, polemicist and political activist.
   HellerRussian historian.
   NekrichSoviet historian.
4   Conscience
 Sam HoseBlack Georgian who was tortured and executed.
 Mary TurnerPregnant black woman who was brutally murdered.
5   The Death of Tragedy
 Homer  Legendary author of the Iliad and the Odyssey.
 Marija GimbutasAmerican-Lithuanian archaeologist.
 Prometheus  Titan, culture hero, and trickster.
 Icarus  Son of the master craftsman Daedalus.
 Euripides  Tragedian of classical Athens.
 Dante AlighieriItalian poet. Aka: Durante di Alighiero degli Alighieri, Dante.
 Varlam ShalamovRussian writer, journalist, poet and Gulag survivor.
 Gustaw HerlingPolish writer, journalist, essayist.
 Czeslaw MiloszPolish poet, prose writer, translator and diplomat.
6   Justice and Fashion
 John RawlsAmerican moral and political philosopher in the liberal tradition.
9   Morality as an Aphrodisiac
 Graham GreeneEnglish novelist.
10   A Weakness for Prudence
 George SantayanaPhilosopher, essayist, poet, and novelist.
12   Immoral Morality
 Niccolò MachiavelliItalian diplomat, politician, historian, philosopher.
 Bernard de MandevilleAnglo-Dutch philosopher, political economist and satirist.
 Aristotle  Greek philosopher and scientist.
14   Animal Virtues
    4. The Unsaved
1   Saviours
 D. H. LawrenceEnglish writer and poet.
 Nikos KazantzakisGreek writer.
 Ananda  Buddha's faithful disciple.
 Robinson JeffersAmerican poet.
2   The Grand Inquisitor and Flying fish
   DostoevskyRussian novelist, short story writer, journalist and philosopher.
 Joseph de MaistreFrench-speaking Savoyard philosopher, lawyer, and diplomat.
4   Atheism, the last Consequence of Christianity
 Epicurus  Ancient Greek philosopher.
5   Homer's Vultures
 Zarathustra  Ancient Iranian prophet, spiritual leader and ethical philosopher.
6   In Search of Mortality
 E. M. CioranRomanian philosopher and essayist.
 Cyril Connolly English literary critic and writer.
7   Dying Animals
 Fernando PessoaPortuguese poet, writer, literary critic, publisher and philosopher.
8   Krishnamurti's Burden
 Jiddu KrishnamurtiIndian philosopher, speaker and writer.
9   Gurdjieff's 'work' and Stanislavski's 'Method'
 G. I. GurdjieffMystic, philosopher, spiritual teacher, and composer.
 Constantin StanislavskyRussian theatre practitioner.
 Peter BrookTheatre director.
 Jerzy GrotowskiPolish theatre director.
10   The Aerodrome
 Rex WarnerEnglish classicist, writer and translator.
 Francis BaconEnglish philosopher and statesman.
11   Nikolai Fedorov, Bolshevism and the -
    Technological Pursuit of Immortality
 Nikolai FedorovRussian Orthodox Christian philosopher.
 Konstantin TsiolkovskyRussian rocket engineer.
 Henri de Saint-SimonFrench political and economic theorist.
 Auguste ComteFrench philosopher and writer.
12   Artificial Paradises
 Havelock EllisPhysician, writer, progressive intellectual and social reformer.
 Richard RudgleyBritish author.
13   Gnosticism and the Cybernauts
 William GibsonAmerican-Canadian fiction writer.
 C. G. JungSwiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst.
14   Inside the Phantomat
 Ray Kurzweil American inventor and futurist.
 Stanislaw LemPolish writer and a trained physician.
    5. Non-Progress
1   De Quincey's Toothache
 Thomas de Quincey English essayist.
2   The Wheel
 Marshall SahlinsAmerican anthropologist,
 Hugh BrodyBritish anthropologist, writer, director and lecturer.
3   An Irony of History
 Hans MoravecFuturist.
 Jeremy RifkinAmerican economic and social theorist, writer, and activist.
6   A Billion Balconies Facing the sun
 J. G. Ballard English novelist, short story writer, and essayist.
7   Twentieth-century anti-capitalists, the Phalanstery and -
    the Medieval Brethren of the free Spirit
 Raoul VaneigemBelgian writer.
 Charles F. FourierFrench philosopher.
 Guy DebordFrench Marxist theorist and philosopher.
   GallimardDebord's new publisher.
8   Mesmerism and the new Economy
 Anton MesmerGerman doctor with an interest in astronomy.
 Jean CharcotFrench neurologist and professor of anatomical pathology.
11   The Myth of Modernisation
 Francis FukuyamaAmerican political scientist, political economist, and author.
 Oswald MosleyBritish Politician.
13   The Lesson of Japan
 Noel PerrinAmerican essayist.
14   Russia in the Vanguard
 Vladimir LeninRussian revolutionary, politician, and political theorist.
19   Posthuman Evolution
 Samuel ButlerEnglish author.
 Adrian WoolfsonAuthor.
20   The soul in the Machine
 George DysonAmerican-Canadian non-fiction author and historian of technology.
    6. As it is
1   The Consolations of Action
 Wyndham Lewis English writer, painter and critic.
2   Sisyphus's Progress
 Sisyphus  Greek mythology Sisyphus or Sisyphos was the king of Ephyra.
 Robert GravesBritish poet, historical novelist, critic, and classicist.
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