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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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   Part One
1AlixChamberlainA blogger and a public speaker.
 EmiraTuckerA baby sitter. Aka: Mira.
 Briar LouiseChamberlainAlix's eldest daughter. Aka: Bri.
 Zara One of Emira's friends.
 Josefa One of Emira's friends. Aka: Sefa.
 Shaunie One of Emira's friends.
 PeterChamberlainAlix's husband.
 Catherine MayChamberlainAlix's youngest daughter.
 WhitneyHoustonAmerican singer.
 Kelley T.CopelandEmira's acquaintance.
2ConanO'BrienAn American television host and comedian.
 Lucie One of the students at Columbia Grammar Prep.
 Rachel One of Alix's friends.
 Jodi One of Alix's friends.
 Tamra One of Alix's friends. Aka: Memmy.
 HillaryClintonFormer First Lady of the United States.
 Maura An editor at HarperCollins.
 Carly One of Alix's acquaintances.
 Caitlyn One of Alix's acquaintances.
 LaneyThackerPeter's co-anchor.
 Misty Peter's acquaintance.
3AlfieTuckerEmira's father.
 JustyneTuckerEmira's mother.
 Beverly Emira's supervisor.
4Hudson Rachel's son.
 Arnette A nanny.
 Prudence Jodi's daughter. Aka: Pru.
 MichaelJacksonAmerican singer-songwriter.
 Bella Laney Thacker's daughter.
 LillyPulitzerAmerican socialite.
 Spoons Briar's fish.
5ChakaKhanAmerican singer-songwriter.
 OtisReddingAmerican singer-songwriter.
 Hassan A driver.
 AlexMurphyAlix Chamberlain's real name.
   Part Two
6Drake A rapper.
 JanetJacksonAmerican singer-songwriter.
 OutKast A hip hop duo.
 Usher American singer-songwriter.
 J.ColeAmerican rapper.
 Tyga American rapper.
 Big Sean American rapper.
 TravisScottAmerican rapper.
 TracyChapmanAn American singer-songwriter.
 Shelby Tamra's baby sitter.
 Carmen Jodi's baby sitter.
 PhilCollinsAn English drummer.
7MichaelJordanAmerican basketball player.
 Martin LutherKing Jr.An American Christian minister and activist.
8Imani One of Tamra's daughters.
 Cleo One of Tamra's daughters.
 Payne Jodi's son.
 Mr.MurphyAlex Murphy's father.
 Mrs.MurphyAlex Murphy's mother.
 Betheny Alex's sister.
 ClaudetteLaurensThe Murphy's housekeeper.
 RobbieCormierKelly's friend.
 Sasha Robbie's cousin.
9Ramona  One of Laney's daughters.
 Suzanne One of Laney's daughters.
 BellaThackerOne of Laney's daughters.
10Troy Shaunie's boyfriend.
 Jesse A technical leader.
 Frank Kelly's doorman.
11MarieKondoJapanese consultant.
 ToniMorrisonAmerican novelist.
 Walter Jodi's husband.
 PaulaColeAn American singer-songwriter.
   Part Three
18JohnWayneAmerican actor.
 KendrickLamarAmerican rapper.
19Tierra One of Kelley's ex-girlfriends.
 Christina One of Kelley's ex-girlfriends.
 Jasmine One of Kelley's ex-girlfriends.
 Gabi One of Kelley's ex-girlfriends.
   Part Four
21JeffKoonsAmerican artist.
22Derrek A driver.
25Monica Laney's acquaintance.
26Darryl A driver.
28PaulaChristiEmira's boss.
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