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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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 KatieNichols-FoleyTiger and Jessie's mother. Aka: Kate.
 RichardP. FoleyKate's only son. Jessie's step-brother. Aka: Tiger.
 MageeJohnsoonTiger's girlfriend.
 DavidLevinJessie's father. Kate's 2nd husband.
 ExaltaNichols-FoleyKate's mother. Tiger and Jessie's grandmother. Aka: Nonny.
 TedWilliamsTiger's favorite player in Red Sox.
 BlairFoley-WhalenTiger's sister.
 KatharineFoleyTiger's sister. A Civil Rights acitvist.
 Bevilacqua Tiger's coach.
   Part One
 JessicaLevinTiger's step-sister. Kate and David's daughter.
 AngusWhalenBlair's husband.
 Leslie Jessie's friend.
 Doris Jessie's friend.
 MartinLuther KingAn American Baptist and activist.
 PammyPopeJessie's classmate.
 MissFlowersThe guidance counselor at Jessie's school.
 WilderFoleyKate's first husband. The father of the Foley siblings.
 RexRothmanMiss Flowers's fiancé.
 EricBarstowGym instructor at Jessie's school. Man Miss Flower married.
 Francis Tiger's friend and co-army. Aka: Frog.
 John Tiger's friend and co-army. Aka: Puppy.
 JuliaChildAn American chef.
 JoeyWhalenAngus's younger brother. Blair's boyfriend before Angus.
 Marco A lifeguard at the beach that Blair flirted with.
 MissCarpenterKirby's teacher.
 ScottTurboA police officer. Kirby's married man ex-lover.
 RajaniPatelKirby's best friend and schoolmate.
 AliceO'RourkeKirby's landlady.
 DarrenFrazierA Harvard student. Rajani's friend.
 Dr.FrazierDarren's mother. A doctor.
 Sallie Blaire's best friend.
 EdithWhartonA female novelist.
 LeonardCushionProfessor Emeritus of Microbiology.
 NancyCushionLeonard's wife.
 Judy Nancy's friend.
 Carol Nancy's friend.
 Marion Nancy's friend.
 Joanne Nancy's friend.
 JamieBeckettBlaire's babysitter.
 MR.BeckettJanice's father.
 BillCrimminsThe caretaker of the Foley's house in Nantucket.
 LarryWinterBlair's ex-boyfriend. Mrs. Winter's son.
 Dobbins A receptionist at the Astrophysics Department.
 Mrs.HimstedtThe Astrophysics Department Secretary.
 BitsyDunscombeKate's friend. Helen and Heather's mother.
 BobbyKennedyFormer United States attorney general.
 Mrs.TimsyA longtime saleslady at Buttner's.
 Doris Jessie's friend.
 EbenezerRaymondThe first owner of the Foley's house.
 PickfordCrimminsBill's grandson. A boy Jessie falls in love with.
 LorraineCrimminsPick's mother. Bill's daughter. Aka: Lavender.
 EvanO'RourkeAlice's bachelor nephew.
 PatriciaO'CallahanKirby's new friend and housemate. Aka: Patty.
 Miranda Kirby's housemate.
 Maureen Kirby's housemate.
 Michaela Kirby's housemate.
 Tracy Kirby's classmate from English class.
 Mrs.BennieDarren's acquaintance. General manager of Shire Town Inn.
 EdwardKennedyThe U.S. Senator.
 CreightonAbramsThe U.S. Army General.
 Trixie Woman Blair suspected as Angus's mistress. Angus's psychotherapist. Aka: Dr. Beatrix Scofield.
 BettyFriedanAn American writer.
 RuthSayerBlair's doctor.
 MaryPickfordAn Actress.
 Mrs.WinterExalta's friend.
 Lizz The receptionist at Field and Oar.
 GarrisonHoweJessie's tennis instructor.
 Topher A tennis instructor.
 Mr.EltringhamA banker in Philadelphia.
 Mrs.EltringhamOwner of a small antique shop. Mr. Eltringham's wife.
 Mr.AmesThe night watchman. A former police.
 SusannaAmesMr. Ames's wife.
 Denise Susanna's daughter from her first marriage.
 BobbyHogueOne of the guesses where Kirby works.
 LukeWinslowPatty's lover.
 SteveWillardKirby's racist classmate.
 RogerDonellyKirby's racist classmate.
 SaraO'CallahanPatty's sister.
 Ivy The babysitter of the Foleys. Aka: Poison Ivy.
 SusanAnthonyJessie's new tennis coach. Aka: Suze.
 Zeppelin Lorraine's ex-boyfriend.
 TommyO'CallahanPatty's brother.
 Eugene Tommy's roommate.
 ElsaWinslowLuke's mother.
 Martin Luke's housekeeper.
 Ingrid Angus's new receptionist.
 BudLevinDavid's father. Jessie's grandfather.
 FredaLevinDavid's mother. Jessie's grandmother.
 KatharineFox-BaskettExalta's mother. Kate's grandmother.
 Shep Kate's old friend.
   Part Two
 JosephO'CallahanPatty's brother.
 ClaireO'CallahanPatty's sister.
 MatthewO'CallahanPatty's brother.
 RoseO'CallahanPatty's sister.
 JohnO'CallahanPatty's brother.
 KevinO'CallahanPatty's brother.
 WardDunscombeBitsy's husband.
 KimberlyTitusWard's mistress.
 ReggieTitusThe Flour King. Kimberly's father.
 Arturo Bitsy's lover. An Opera House waiter.
 Dr. Van De BergThe Island doctor.
 EveWinterLarry's sister.
 CarolynWinterLarry's sister.
 CassandraFrazierHank's wife.
 JudgeFrazierDarren's father.
 HankFrazierJudge Frazier's cousin.
 Clarissa Dr. Frazier's patient.
 AnneFrankA German Diarist.
 MargotFrankAnne's sister.
 OttoFrankAnne's father.
 Sabrina Pick's girlfriend.
 MadaketMillieThe coastal-defense specialist in World War II.
 FrancescaTimsyThe woman who works at the lingerie department.
 DonatellaTimsyFrancesca's sister.
 Myrtle Dr. Van De Berg's nurse.
 GenevieveFoley-WhalenBlair and Angus's twin daughter. Kate's granddaughter.
 George N.WhalenBlair and Angus's twin son. Kate's grandson.
 Tracy The candy stripper.
 OllieHaywardThe head of the tennis department.
 Mr.BosleyThe general manager of Field and Oar.
 JeffreyPryorA man who likes Suze.
 JoeGarganKennedy's cousin.
 Mary JoKopechneSara's friend who drowned. Deceased.
 PennNicholsExalta's husband. Kate's father. Aka: Gramps.
 Brenda The receptionist at Field and Oar.
 SergeantBragaA police officer in Edgar Town.
 AnneHerlihy-TurboScottie's wife.
   Part Three
 Banjo Tiger's co-army.
 Romeo Tiger's co-army.
 Fitz A boy that Tiger met during the war.
 Luck The little kid that Tiger saved during the war.
 J.B.NeumannTiger's superior. A colonel.
 Denny A boy that Pick babysits.
 AndyPearlsteinJessie's boyfriend.
 MissMalantantasJessie's English teacher.
 Al JohnsonMagee's father.
 MajorFreelanceTiger's superior.