Characters - Alphabetical
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TheArabNick's cocaine source.
TrishBennettThe girl Ahmed helped.
DavidBrodyMolly's husband. The dentist who was kidnapped.
MollyBrodyDavid's wife.
AnthonyCouplesOne of the VPs at Penguin Books.
LauraCouplesAnthony's wife.
RosemaryFentonHannah's doctor.
ScottFreestoneAn alcoholic man. Hannah's sponsor.
BillGowerFrank's friend.
TomGowerFrank's friend.
AaronGrayA police sergeant.
The GreekOne of Nick's customers.
ClintonHanifaMichael's best friend.
BettyHarrisDaisy's mother.
DaisyHarrisJohnny's lover.
AgnesHeslopMurdered. Deceased.
SamuelJacobsonThe CEO of a solar panel company.
LindyJohnsonMr. Johnson's daughter.
Mr.JohnsonTerry's neighbor.
RobinJohnsonMr. Johnson's daughter.
NickLatoofGarry's boss. A drug mafia boss.
SarahLatoofNick's wife.
ProfessorLeongFrank's therapist.
HannahMaddenPaul's daughter who committed suicide.
IreneMaddenA toolmaker. Paul's father.
PaulMaddenThe man who lost his daughter.
TerryMarrHannah's boss.
DadMaySue May's father.
SueMayFrank's former lover.
TonyMcGeeFrank's acquaintance.
HamishMcGregorThe company founder.
CharlieNeillPaul's friend.
JamesNolanMargaret's son.
MargaretNolanMary's neighbor.
PhilipNovakJacobson's chairman of the board.
JeanO'ConnorOne of the passengers in the Hong Kong flight.
MichaelOndineJean's workmate and friend.
NulaOndineMichael's wife.
JimmyQuigleyJohnny's brother.
JohnnyQuigleyJimmy's brother.
MaureenQuigleyPhil's wife.
PhilQuigleyJohnny and Jimmy's cousin and thieving boss. Aka: The Orchid Man.
TerryReynoldsA detective.
JerrySermacThe man who helped David.
MosmanSlasherA criminal in North Shore.
BonnieTestyFrank and Mary's daughter.
FrankTestyThe head swim coach.
MaryTestyFrank's wife. Murdered.
AnneTierneyA murder victim. Deceased.
FloraTierneyAnne's daughter.
GarryTierneyNick's associate. A drug dealer.
GraemeTierneyAnne's son.
TedTierneyAnne's husband.
Ahmad Sarah and Nick's friend.
Ahmed A former policeman. A dealer.
Alessandro The Greek's uncle.
Alex Nick's security.
Bobby Garry's best friend.
Eric Vadim's colleague.
God The Arab's acquaintance.
Janine The girl Jimmy falls in love with.
Joe David's friend.
Joe Ahmed's colleague.
Lee Tony's girlfriend.
Lila Tommy's colleague.
Lizzie Hannah's friend.
Nadia Jimmy's customer.
Sam The boy who stole Nick's cocaine.
Tommy One of David's captors. Jerry's boss.
Vadim A drug dealer. Trish's boss.