Characters - Alphabetical
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QueenLowwolThe leader of the riders. The mother to the city of wind.
The OneThe mysterious voice creature.
Aacol The kind leader of Flyers.
Aalar Aacol's granddaughter.
Aria One of Malick's crew.
Bota The riders that the gliders killed.
Byte The crew-in-charge in light lifting, computer fabrication, and programming.
Chip The crew-in-charge in First Pod's food system.
Crystal The crew-in-charge in Second Pod's food system.
Daxx Malick's ship commander. The conssumate professional.
Eenar The red-headed bird.
Flux Crew-in-charge of engineering.
Gal One of the Redulins-in-charge of engines and navigation in Second Pod.
Icha Nab's counterpart.
Ivyy One of the crewmen.
Jukk Malick's crew trainer.
Kel Has the evening shift in the control room area.
Kerr Eyes of the Sacred elders.
Keyyek The leader of the riders guard.
Kitty Malick's cat.
Leviathan The colossal tree in the center of the meadow.
Lumina One of the aliens.
Luna One of the crew who found a rock in Sworld.
Malick Protagonist.
Marr A Runner.
Mata One of the Flyers.
Nab A water specialist.
Nena The red-eyed alien.
Nep Malick's ship commander.
Nova One of Malick's crew.
Octoplex The Imps's beast who lives in water.
Oolan The keeper of knowledge. The blue bird.
Oosar A Flyer. A scientist.
Pal One of the Redulins-in-charge of engines and navigation in First Pod.
Par One of the crewmen.
Pixel The crew-in-charge in heavy lifting, maintenance, and operation in Pods.
Ram The Redulin-in-charge in First Pod.
Redd Malick's crew trainer.
Sage The reddish blue-eyed alien.
Seel The new healer of Gliders.
Sel The riders that the gliders killed.
Taal Vool's healer.
Tel One of the crewmen.
Terr The leader of all the runners. The most sacred of the elders.
Trell The beast-looking alien.
Ule One of the best healers in Aquis. One of Malick's crew.
Vool The Gliders' leader.
Vul The riders that the gliders killed.
Wren A crewman in Second Pod, Section C. A cat expert.
Zul The lizard-looking alien.