Characters By Chapter
Geri Spieler
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  Gerald   Ford   President of the United States.
    Sara Jane   Moore    Fired a bullet at President Ford.
    Olaf    Kahn   Sara Jane's father.
    Ruth    Kahn   Sara Jane's mother. 
    Bob   Turkelson   Sara Jane's neighbor.
    Ruth Ann    Kahn   Sara Jane's older sister.
  Sydney Lewis   Manning   Sara Jane's first husband.
    Skip    Kahn   Sara Jane's brother.
    Melissa    Manning   Sara Jane's daughter.
    Sydney    Manning Jr.   Sara Jane's son.
    Janet    Manning   Sara Jane's daughter.
    Christopher    Manning   Sara Jane's son.
    Dana    Kahn   Sara Jane's brother.
  Mario    Savio   UC Berkeley Activist.
    John    Aalbert   Sara Jane's second husband and a physician.
    Frederic W.    Aalberg   Sara Jane's son with John Aalberg.
    Willard J.    Carmel Jr.   Sara Jane's third husband and a physician.
  Jim    Graham   Developer in Black Hawk Country Club community.
    William    O'Donnell   Catholic priest.
  Colston   Westbrook   Linguistics instructor UC Berkeley.
    Donald    DeFreeze   Leader of the Symbionese Liberation Army. aka: Cinque Mtume.
    Wendy    Yoshimura   Berkeley radical.
    Willy    Wolfe   Berkeley radical.
    Robyn    Steiner   Member Black Cultural Association and Berkeley radical.
    Russell    Little   Member Symbionese Liberation Army.
    George    Jackson   Founder Black Guerrilla Family and an author.
  Patricia   Hearst   Kidnapped victim of the SLA.
    William R.   Hearst   Father of Patty Hearst and newspaper owner.
    Ludlow    Kramer   Director: People In Need Food Program in San Francisco (PIN).
    Peggy    Maze   Assistant Director to Kramer at PIN.
  Jack   Palladino   Lawyer and security person
    Willard    Jackson   Founder of the United Prisoners Union. aka: Popeye.
  J. Edgar   Hoover   Federal Bureau of Investigation Director.
    Charles    Bates   FBI Agent in Charge-San Francisco Bureau.
    Carl    Stern   NBC News Reporter, Washington, DC.
  Bert   Worthington   FBI agent in San Francisco - Sara Jane's control agent.
10    Camilla   Hall   Weather Underground member.
    Patricia    Soltsik   Weather Underground member.
11    Earl   Satcher   Founder of Tribal Thumb.
    Marie    Ferreboeuf   Member Wellspring Reunion.
12    Mark   Bramhill   Member of the Vietnam Vets Against The War.
    Errol    Hendra   Owner of camera shop on Folsom Street, San Francisco.
    Dan    O'Neill   Creator of satirical comic strip "Odd Bodkins".
    Sally    Voye   Friend of Popeye and a school teacher.
13    Mark   Fernwood   Danville gun dealer.
14    Jack   O'Shea   San Francisco Police Inspector.
    Gary    Yauger   US Secret Service agent.
    Martin    Haskell Jr.   US Secret Service agent.
15    Richard   Vitamanti   FBI case agent.
    Carol    Pogash   San Francisco Examiner reporter.
    Oliver    Sipple   Marine who deflected Sara Jane's second assassination attempt. 
    Timothy    Hettrich   San Francisco policeman who grabbed Sara Jane's gun.
16    William S.   Taylor   SF Police Officer who interrogated Sara Jane.
    James    Hewitt   Public defender.
    Charles    Roberts   Frederic Aalberg's foster father.
    Gail    Roberts   Frederic's foster father.
17    Samuel   Conti   Federal District Court Judge.
19    Greg   Dunning   Held some of Sara Jane's art work.
20    Carson   Markley   West Virginia prison warden.