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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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   Part 1
1EricaWilliamsOne of Civil's patients. India's older sister.
 IndiaWilliamsCivil's patient who mistakenly took Depo Provera.
 Anne Civil's daughter.
 ValeraBrisonA newly hired nurse. Civil's workmate. Aka: Val.
 AliciaDownsA newly hired nurse. Civil's workmate.
 LindaSeagerThe nurse supervisor. Civil's boss.
 CivilTownsendNarrator and Protagonist.
 FrantzFanonA French West Indian psychologist.
 Baldwin One of the Black's intellectual people.
 Dubois One of the Black's intellectual people.
 Washington One of the Black's intellectual people.
 AngelaDavisAn American political activist.
 SamuelDavis Jr.An American singer.
 Prof.BoydOne of Civil's former professors.
 Mckinney One of Civil's former professors.
3TyrellRalseyThe father of Civil's baby. Civil's best friend.
 Glenda Dr. Townsend's assistant.
 HenryTownsendCivil's father. A doctor.
4Martin Luther-King Jr.A pastor at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church.
 ConstanceWilliamsDeceased. Erica and India's mother.
 PatriciaWilliamsErica and India's grandmother.
 MaceWilliamsErica and India's father.
5Dr.JamesOne of the doctors.
 Dr.ChegleyOne of the doctors.
 Irene The waitress.
6Mrs.LivingstonThe Montgomery planning agent.
7GertieSimsOne of Civil's patients. India's older sister.
 DaisySimsGertie's mother.
 CarolynSimsGertie's sister.
 FrankAdairMr. Williams's boss
9JuneTownsendCivil's mother.
10JimRalseyTy's father.
 DonnaRalseyTy's mother.
 Dr.BarnesThe college president. Aka: Dr. Baily.
11MissPopeThe University librarian.
 Jo AnnRobinsonAn Activist.
 Mary FairBurksAn Activist.
 AmiriBarakaThe organizer of Congress of African People.
 ShirleyChisholmThe congresswoman.
 EuniceRiversA Tuskegee graduate.
 BillJenkinsA black statistician.
 NinaSimoneA black singer.
 FredShuttlesworthA civil rights activist.
 Fannie LouHamerAn American activist.
13Lori The nurse-receptionist.
 Mary One of the girls who'd taken Depo Provera.
 HaroldUpjohnThe head doctor at the pharmaceutical company.
14Rosalind Civil's aunt. June's sister.
 Al Jackson Jr.Booker T's drummer.
 Booker T.WashingtonA singer.
15Philips Employer of Mace's father.
 Mrs.LaceyMace's landlady.
16Vince Ty's frat brother.
 Dr.MerleIndia's doctor.
19DwannaRalseyTy's daughter.
 TylerRalsey Jr.Ty's son.
20Frida One of Civil's patients.
   Part 2
23Mrs.CooperOne of the oldest church members.
 LouisFeldmanMrs. Ralsey's colleague. India's lawyer. Aka: Lou.
25Nellie Pat's cousin.
 Leotis Nellie's husband.
 Ricky One of Mace's cousins.
 Patsy One of Mace's cousins.
 Doe One of Mace's cousins.
26Dina Ricky's wife.
 Tim Constance's brother. Mace's brother-in-law.
27LaTarsha The nun who runs India's school.
 GeorgeWallaceA governor.
28TedKennedyThe Senator who helped India and Erica.
30HowardBakerOne of the Senators.
 BarryGoldwaterOne of the Senators.
 StromThurmondOne of the Senators.
 AdlaiStevenson IIIOne of the Senators.
 JohnSparkmanAlabama Senator.
 Dinesha Erica's friend.
 JohnKennedyThe former U.S. President.
33Mr.SinghA café owner.
 Mrs.SinghMr. Singh's wife.
 Fiona One of Civil's co-nurses.
 Margaret One of Civil's co-nurses.
 Liz One of Civil's co-nurses.
 Gina One of Civil's co-nurses.
 Mrs.ParrMrs. Seager's newly hired nurse.
34FrankJohnsonThe head of the federal court in the middle district of Alabama.
 EricaBlountThe judge-in-charge.
36EugeniaWootenSeager's daughter.
   Part 3
38CasparWeinbergerThe secretary of HEW.
 AlvinArnettThe director of Office of Economic Opportunity.
39ErnestWithersThe journalist photographer.
40LancePaaschFormer branch chief of the family planning division.
 AnthonyMarcusThe director of HEW.
   HEW - Department of Education Health Welfare.
  NixonThe former U.S. President.
41Maddox Lou's law professor at Auburn.
 WalterRosensteinThe director of the health research group.
 Mr.PetersThe government lawyer.
 BarbaraRobardDirector of research at the Health Policy Advisor Center.
42MabelTurnerCivil's next-door neighbor.
43Robinson The current Mayor.
45Tonya One of Erica's friends.
46Hatch The police officer.
48JennaFeldmanLou's wife.
51MotherCooperThe mother nun at Civil's church.
 Mr.JonesCivil's acquaintance.
 Dena Civil's acquaintance from the hardware store.
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