Characters - Alphabetical
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AlfredAlvarezAn English poet, novelist, essayist and critic.
AldrichAmesA former CIA officer turned KGB double agent.
James JesusAngletonThe chief of CIA Counterintelligence.
BarakArielA lecturer in the Police Executive Program.
Carl FredrikArndtJonsson's friend.
FlorentinoAspillagaA Cuban intelligence officer.
Robert BaerAn American author and a former CIA case officer.
ChiraagBainsOne of the leaders of the DOJ team.
Lisa F.BarrettA distinguished professor of psychology at Northeastern University.
JohnBatesonExec. director of a nationally certified suicide prevention center.
Ralph L.BealsAn anthropologist at the University of California.
MaryBeardAn English scholar of Ancient Roman civilization.
GaryBeckerJillian's husband.
JillianBeckerSylvia's friend.
Osamabin LadenThe founder of the pan-Islamic militant organization al-Qaeda.
SandraBlandAn African American woman who was found hanged in a jail cell.
LarissaBoyceFormer gymnast who also accused Larry Nassar.
BenjaminBreeA computer software engineer.
Paul G.BroderVice President, Director at Renaissance Technologies Corp.
LeeBrownThe chief of the New York City Police Department.
Reginald J. BrownUnited States Assistant Secretary of the Army. Aka: Reg.
George W.Bush43rd U.S. President.
Scott W.CarmichaelDIA's counterintelligence officer.
Ashton KatherineCarrickA college senior student at the University of North Carolina.
EugeneCarrollA rear admiral in the United States Navy.
JimmyCarter39th U.S. President.
FidelCastroFormer Prime Minister of Cuba.
NevilleChamberlainFormer Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
AlyciaChambersA Clinical Psychologist in State College.
WinstonChurchillFormer Prime Minister of the U.K. Chamberlain's successor.
RonaldClarkeA criminologist.
BillClinton42nd U.S. President.
DuffCooperFormer Minister of Information.
BobCostasNBC sports anchor.
WendellCourtneyThe Penn State lawyer.
CarlosCrivelliA psychologist.
TimCurleyThe athletic director at Penn State University.
Édouard DaladierPrime Minister of France at the outbreak of World War II.
CharlesDarwinEnglish naturalist, geologist and biologist.
Rosales del ToroA former Cuban Minister of Agriculture.
RachaelDenhollanderFormer gymnast and the first woman to publicly accuse Nassar.
Thomas Dibblee,Jr.An American geologist. Aka: Tom
CharlesDickensAn English writer and social critic.
JoeDimowA retired toolmaker.
LauraDitkaDeputy Attorney General for the State of Pennsylvania.
EmilyDoeA woman under the protection of sexual-assault law.
JonathanDranovAn internal medicine specialist, with a focus in nephrology.
Anthony EdenFormer Foreign Secretary.
Robert B.EdgertonA Professor of Psychiatry, UC Los Angeles.
PaulEkmanAmerican psychologist at the University of California.
 el AlpinistaA CIA agent. Aka: Mountain Climber.
BrianEnciniaA state trooper.
JonelleEshbachA prosecuting attorney.
CurtisEverhartA private investigator.
ChrisFarleyAn American actor and comedian.
RitaFicarraA cop.
AaronFisherSandusky's acquaintance.
JohnFollainOne who writes on Italian politics and European affairs.
KimFrommeThe Director of the Studies on Alcohol, Health, and Risky.
JenniferFugateA psychologist.
Robert T.GallagherNew York City Police officer.
Mahatma GandhiAn Indian lawyer.
MariaGendronAssistant Professor of Psychology, Yale University.
PeterGillA Theatre director.
MikeGillumA child psychologist.
EdgardoGiobbiA police officer.
JosephGoebbelsGerman Nazi politician and Reich Minister.
TrineaGonczarA gymnast who was treated by Nassar.
Donald W.GoodwinA psychiatrist and an alcohol researcher.
HermannGöringOne of the most powerful figures in the Nazi Party.
LeonGreenbergAn Employment Attorney in Las Vegas.
EstherGreenwoodThe protagonist in Sylvia Plath's novel The Bell Jar.
RudyGuedeDrug dealer who was suspect in the Meredith Kercher murder.
AbuHafsEgyptian national, a member of the Islamic Jihad aka:al-Masri.
 HalifaxChamberlain's foreign secretary.
David HarrisA legal scholar.
Dwight B. HeathA Research Professor of Anthropology at Brown University.
ErnestHemingwayAn American journalist, novelist, short-story writer,
NevileHendersonAmbassador of the United Kingdom to Nazi Germany.
AdolfHitlerA German politician and leader of the Nazi Party.
Brett SwisherHoutzSandusky's acquaintance.
TedHughesSylvia Plath's husband.
SergioJarilloAn anthropologist.
BruceJessenMitchell's colleague.
PeterJonssonOne of a Swedish graduate students.
RobertJosephsAmerican Professor of Psychology at The University of Texas.
FranzKafkaA German-speaking Jewish novelist.
George L.KellingAmerican criminologist.
John F.Kennedy35th U.S. President.
MeredithKercherA British student who was murdered at the age of 21.
William LyonKing Former Prime Minister of Canada.
KathieKlagesFormer Michigan State University women's gymnastic coach.
Amanda Marie KnoxAmerican woman who spent almost four years in an Italian prison.
PeterLamoreSEC investigator.
BrianLatellRans the CIA's Latin American office.
HenryLauferAmerican mathematician, investor and philanthropist.
Timothy R.LevineAn American communication professor. Aka: Tim.
CraigMacAndrewA Licensed Professional Counselor, Kansas City.
TaraMacDonaldAssociate Professor of Graduate Studies, Dept.of Psychology
BernardMadoffAmerican market maker and financier. Aka: Bernie.
HarryMarkopolosA forensic accounting and financial fraud investigator.
MacMarshallA professor of anthropology at the University of Iowa.
JimMcDonoughWilliams' acquaintance. Aka: Mr. Wallace.
Michael JacobMcQuearyFormer football asst. coach for the Pennsylvania State University.
DianeMiddlebrookAmerican biographer.
Giuliano MigniniAn Italian magistrate.
StanleyMilgramAmerican social psychologist.
JamesMitchellA psychologist by training.
DianaMitfordBritish political leader.
Khalid SheikhMohammedA Pakistani terrorist. Aka: KSM.
Ana Belén MontesFormer senior analyst at the DIA in the US and convicted as a spy.
TitoMontesBecame FBI officers. Ana Montes' younger brother.
CharlesMorganA psychiatrist.
SendhilMullainathanAn American professor of Computation and Behavioral Science.
EdvardMunchA Norwegian painter.
BenitoMussoliniFormer Prime Minister of Italy.
AllanMyersSandusky's acquaintance.
LarryNassarUSA Gymnastics national team doctor and osteopathic physician.
MichaelOcrantThe Director of Conference Programming.
ShaneO'MaraA Professor of Experimental Brain Research at Trinity College.
Hee SunParkOne of Levine's graduate students.
JoePaternoThe head coach of the Penn State University football team.
DanielPearlAn American journalist for The Wall Street Journal.
NadinePellegriniAssistant United States Attorney.
GinaPerryA psychologist and writer.
NickPisaA British journalist.
SylviaPlathAn American poet, novelist, and short-story writer.
JoePosnanskiAn American sports journalist.
EmilyProninA psychologist.
JonBenét RamseyAn American child beauty queen who was killed at the age of 6.
JohnRaykovitzA Clinical Psychologist in State College.
RainerReisenzeinA Professor for General psychology, University of Greifswald.
CharlesRemsbergThe author of The Tactical Edge.
CleveRenfroA state investigator.
Joachim vonRibbentropA Foreign Minister of Nazi Germany.
BruceRiedelA senior fellow in the Saban Center for Middle East Policy.
Franklin D.Roosevelt32nd U.S. President.
Juan PabloRoqueA former major in the Cuban air force.
LouisSanchez.One of the investigators on Sandra Bland's case.
JerrySanduskyAmerican football coach.
Lila DianeSawyerAn American television broadcast journalist.
GarySchultzThe senior administrator at Penn State University.
AchimSchützwohlA German psychologist.
JohnSeasockA counselor.
RichardSeidenA psychologist.
AnneSextonAn American poet.
WilliamShakespeareAn English playwright, poet, and actor.
JamesShawA graduate student in criminology.
LouShawA screenwriter.
LarryShermanA young criminologist.
Lawrence W.ShermanAmerican criminologist.
NathanielSimonAmerican businessman and philanthropist aka: Nat.
O. J.SimpsonAmerican football running back.
RobertSollazzoLamore's boss.
RaffaeleSollecitiAmanda Knox's boyfriend.
GrahamSpanierThe President of the Penn State University.
StephanSpencerA three-time author under the O'Reilly Media.
EliotSpitzerAmerican politician and the 54th Governor of New York.
GeneSpragueCommitted suicide - jumped from SF Golden Gate Bridge.
JosephStalinFormer Premier of the Soviet Union.
GeorgeStarbuckAmerican poet.
ClaudeSteeleAn African-American social psychologist.
EllaineSteinbacherBrett's girlfriend.
JohnSullivanAn English television scriptwriter responsible for British sitcoms.
George JohnTenetA former Director of Central Intelligence.
Dzhokhar A. TsarnaevA Kyrgyz-American terrorist of Chechen descent.
BrockTurnerA student of Stanford who was convicted of three felonies.
Jean-ClaudeVan DammeA Belgian actor and retired martial artist.
Patrick DaleWalkerA Texan who was arrested for attempting to murder his girlfriend.
DavidWeisburdAn American-Israeli criminologist.
AaronWhiteWorked at the National Institutes of Health.
MichaelWhiteA man who was shot dead by a police officer.
JohnWilliamsAmerican composer.
DarrenWilsonA police officer.
O. W.WilsonAmerican police officer.
PeteWilsonElected Governor of California.
MarcusWolfA German spy chief.
William ButlerYeatsAn Irish poet.
Emily J.YoffeAn American journalist and contributing writer for The Atlantic.
JohnZieglerA documentary film writer/director, and journalist.
AbuZubaydahAn alleged Al Qaeda operative captured in Pakistan.
Anna Dwight Heath's wife.
Cal Esther's acquaintance.
Cicero Roman statesman.
Colleen One of Emily Doe's friends.
Dottie Sandusky's wife.
E.J. Sandusky's son.
Hilda One of Chamberlain's sisters.
Hippocrates A Greek physician.
Ida One of Chamberlain's sisters.
John Paul II Former head of the Catholic Church.
Julia One of Emily Doe's friends.
Lucas One of the scholars who studied human deception.
Martha Aspillaga's girlfriend.
Nathalie One of Meredith Kercher's friends.
Philip One of the scholars who studied human deception.
Rachel An instructor.
Sally Levine's acquaintance.
Solomon The judge.
Sophie One of Meredith Kercher's friends.
Trea One of Emily Doe's friends.