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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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 RuthReichlNarrator. aka: Ruthie.
1BurtLangnerRuth Langner's husband.
 RuthLangnerBurt Langner's wife.
 MiriamReichlRuthie's mother. aka: Mimi.
 Shelly Bob's fiance.
 BobReichlRuthie's brother.
 Jeanie Ruthie's best friend.
 BertrandRussellMiriam's old friend in Wales.
2Birdie Alice's mother. aka: Aunt Birdie.
 Alice Aunt Birdie's daughter. Ruthie's father's first wife.
 Menuhin Ruthie's grandmother's famous friend.
 Hortenese Aunt Birdie's lost daughter.
 Rubinstein Ruthie's grandmother's famous friend.
 UnclePerryAunt Birdie's husband.
 Georgie The butcher.
3Mrs.PeaveyRuthie's maid. A good cook.
 Louvinia Ruthie's former maid.
 Winnie Ruthie's former maid.
 PalmerPeaveyMrs. Peavey's son.
 PotterPeaveyMrs. Peavey's handsome son.
 CarterPeaveyMrs. Peavey's son.
 Mr.HollyRuthie's friend.
 Mr.PeaveyMrs. Peavey's husband. Deceased.
4GinetteSpanierDirector of Maison Balmain.
 ErnestReichlRuthie's father.
 Mrs.PerrinRuthie's teacher.
  PetitThe housemother.
 Janine Ruthie's guardian.
 MadameCartetRuthie's French teacher.
 Beatricede CroixRuthie's friend. Ruthie's richest classmate.
 Madamedu CroixBeatrice's mother.
 Monsieurdu CroixBeatrice's father.
5Julie Ruthie's new best friend.
 TommyCalfanoRuthie's high school crush.
 Bill Julie's boyfriend.
 Bobby Ruthie's friend.
 Linda The funniest girl in Ruthie's school.
 MissHillRuthie's high school teacher.
 Mr.AllstonRuthie's high school Chemistry teacher.
 Gloria Troy's girlfriend. Ruthie's classmate.
 Troy Gloria's boyfriend. Ruthie's classmate.
6Nikili One of the campers.
 Roland Nikili's friend.
 Suzanne Ruthie's roommate.
 Danielle Ruthie's new friend and co-camper.
 Monique Ruthie's friend and co-camper.
 Georges Ruthie's crush.
 HenriHeveauRacist French. Madame Deveau's husband.
 MadameDeveauRacist French. Monsieur Deveau's wife.
7Serafina Ruthie's college roommate.
 Rob Serafina's boyfriend.
 ChuckMasonRob's quarterback.
 Marina Ruthie's roommate.
 Susan Ruthie's roommate.
 Mohammed Ruthie's morrocan friend.
 LeonardWoolfMan who interviews people for the book he's writing.
 Bill SDS guy who fell in love with Serafina. Rich political kid.
8Mac Negro man. Ruthie's new friend.
 Claritha Woman who proudly wears a carrot wig.
 Mrs.ForestRuthie's favorite client.
 Crystal Mrs. Forest's oldest daughter.
 Charisse Mrs. Forest's baby.
 Ben Deaf 9-year-old kid.
 Mrs.WilliamsWoman with 8 children.
 Janisse Crystal's sister.
9AlanJonesRuthie's friend and love-at-first-sight.
 Maurice Owner of the restaurant where Ruthie works.
 Rolf Sous chef.
 Lincoln Best grill man in Michigan.
 Henry The best waiter in Maurice's restaurant.
 Marielle Ruthie's workmate.
 William Cashier.
10Pat Ruthie's art history classmate. Ruthie's new roommate.
 Taeb Someone Serafina and Ruthie met.
 Noureddine Taeb's friend.
 Mina Noureddine's sister.
 Fatima Taeb's sister.
 Dris A Tunisian man. Noureddine's friend.
11Mr.BlueThe owner of the apartment where Ruthie stays.
 Doug Pat's friend. Ruthie's boyfriend.
 Lordy Doug's stepfather.
 WilburWrightA pilot.
12Milton Prominent artist.
 Hilly Milton's beautiful friend. Owner Ann Arbor Fish & Chips shop.
 KingsleyAmisHilly's husband.
 Ephrosike Famous cook.
 Pantelis Owner of a restaurant. Offered Milton his recipe.
 Gillian Milton's friend.
 IzzyT.A superstar Ruthie met.
 AndyWarholA superstar Ruthie met at the party.
 Jerry A superstar who came to the party.
 Rick Pat's boyfriend.
 Essie Mr. Izzy's friend.
14Nick Martha's boyfriend. Man owns apartment where Ruthie stays.
 Martha Nick's girlfriend. Ruthie's new friend.
 Francesco Venetian. The guy whom Nick offered a place to stay.
 Elena Francesco's companion.
15Helen Worker at The Swallow.
 Peter Worker at The Swallow.
 Judith Cook at The Swallow. The professor's wife.
 Antoinette Cook at The Swallow.
 Rudy Cashier at The Swallow.
 Michael Worker at The Swallow.
 Chrissy Worker at The Swallow.
 RachelRubensteinWoman who's writing her thesis on film.
16Estelle Miriam's friend.
17KermitLynchOwner of a wine shop.
 MonsieurBlancThe Duke.
 Monsieurde MontilleKermit's client.
 MonsieurMonassierOwner of a wine cellar.
 MonsieurVachetOwns a montagny.
 MonsieurTrenelOwner of a wine shop.
 MadameTrenelMonsieur Trenel's wife.
18Jim Works for a milk company.
 Marion Ruthie's new friend.
 GeraldAsherWine writer.
 Robert Marion's husband.
 Mark Marion and Robert's son.
 CeciliaChiangOwner of a Mandarin restaurant.
Tender at the Bone Suggested by Helen Connolly