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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1  Pencey Prep - A school in Agerstown, Pennsylvania.
 Old SelmaThurmerThe headmaster's daughter.
 D.B.CaulfieldWriter. Holden's brother who was in Hollywood.
 OldSpencerHolden's history teacher.
 RobertTichenerHolden's friend.
 PaulCampbellHolden's friend.
 Mr.ZambesiBiology teacher.
 Mrs.SpencerOld Spencer's wife.
 HoldenCaulfieldNarrator. Manager of the fencing team.
2Dr.ThurmerThe headmaster.
 Mr.HaasHeadmaster of Elkton Hills.
3Ossenburger Owner of Holden's dorm.
 EdgarMarsallaGuy who farted in front of Holden.
 WardStradlaterHolden's roommate. A handsome guy.
 RobertAckleyGuy who lives in the room next to Holden.
 HerbGaleRobert A.'s roommate.
 SallyHayesA girl from New York. Dated Holden.
4HowieCoyleHolden's basketball teammate.
  FitzgeraldHolden's type of girl.
 PhyllisSmithA girl from Pencey.
 BudThawWard's friend.
 JaneGallagherWard's date. Holden's neighbor.
5MalBrossardHolden's friend. Wrestler.
 Buick Robert A.'s cousin.
 AllieCaulfieldHolden's dead brother.
6EdBankyPencey basketball coach.
 Mrs.SchmidtThe dorm janitor's wife.
7Ely Robert A.'s roommate.
 Leahy Hoffman's roommate. Holden's dorm mate.
 FrederickWoodruffGuy Holden lends his typewriter to.
8Mrs.MorrowA woman Holden met at the train.
 ErnestMorrowMrs. Morrow's son. The biggest bastard in Pencey. aka: Ernie.
 RudolfSchmidtMrs. Schmidt's husband. Dorm janitor.
 HarryFencerPresident of Holden's class.
9Mrs.HayesSally's mother.
 PhoebeCaulfieldHolden's sister.
 CarlLuceHolden's schoolmate from Whooton. Student advisor of Elkton.
 EddieBirdsellA guy from Princeton. Holden's acquaintance.
10Bernice Blonde woman Holden danced with in the club.
 Marty Bernice's ugly friend.
 Laverne Bernice's ugly friend.
12Horwitz Cab driver.
 LillianSimmonsA girl D.B. used to go around with.
 CommanderBlopNavy. Lillian's friend.
13RaymondGoldfarbHolden's old friend from Whooton.
 Maurice Elevator guy. Gave Holden a prostitute.
 Sunny Prostitute.
14BobbyFallonHolden's neighbor and childhood friend.
15Mary A.WoodruffSally's friend.
 DickSlagleHolden's old roommate in Elkton.
 LouisShaneyCatholic boy from Elkton. The first person Holden met there.
 LaurenceOliverMan with a terrific voice.
 MissCallonPhoebe's teacher.
17HarrisMackimHolden's old roommate in Elkton.
 JeannetteCultzSally's friend.
18AlPikeA man Jane dated.
 BobRobinsonHolden's acquaintance.
 RobertaWalshBob's roommate.
 Mr.AntoliniHolden's teacher in Elkton.
 Alec Man who wrote a book.
 Martha Alec's fiancĂ©.
19Tina French. Played piano at Seton Hotel.
 Janine French. Played piano at Seton Hotel. Singer.
21CurtisWeintraubPhoebe's classmate. The boy who pushed her.
22JamesCastleHolden's old schoolmate from Elkton.
 PhilStabileA very conceited boy from Elkton.
24LillianAntoliniMr. Antolini's wife.