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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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   Part One
1Emma Abigail's best friend.
 AbigailMantelA 15th year old girl who was murdered.
 James Emma's husband.
 DanielGreenwoodAn ex-policeman. aka: Dan.
 Matthew Emma's son.
 JeanieLongThe woman who was convicted on Abigail's murder.
 RobertWinterEmma's father.
 Mary Emma's mother.
3Christopher Emma's younger brother.
 KeithMantelAbigail's father.
 CarolineFletcherA detective who was in-charge of Abigail's murder case.
4ElsieHepworthDirector of Choral Activities at Missouri State University.
 Albert RichardSmithEnglish author and entertainer.
5MissSandersonRobert's acquaintance.
 MichaelLongJeanie's father. aka: Mike.
 PegLongJeanie's mother.
7VeraStanhopeA police inspector.
8VeronicaLeeThe landlady at the Anchor.
9Marcia James' acquaintance.
10WendyJowellThe first female coxswain on the Humber.
 Bert A tanker.
 GustaveFlaubertA French novelist.
12CliveStringerJeanie's friend.
 JoeAshworthVera's sergeant.
16Barry Veronica's husband.
 Deborah Keith's woman. aka: Debs.
18Stan The second coxswain.
   Part Two
20PaulHolnessA local DI.
21Alex Caroline Fletcher's live-in-Partner.
22NickLinehamAn English teacher at FE college.
23Linda A police officer.
26Liz Abigail's mother.
29Jed Wendy's husband.
 JamesShawJames Bennett's old name.
30CyrilMooreMichael Long's acquaintance.
32MartinShawJames' father. aka: Marty.
33AgathaChristieAn English writer known for her detective novels.
 PhilipLarkinA poet.
36Lesley One who ran the local history library.
 LawrenceAdamsMichael's old friend.
37James LeeBurkeAmerican author.
38Evans A new pilot.
39Geoff James colleague.
41Ray Veronica's son.
43MargieSullivanRobert's colleague.
 Zoe Mrs. Sullivan's daughter.
44BillClinton42nd U. S. President.
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