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Characters By Chapter
Ry Smith
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PL   Ferko   Rincic   Witness
    Judge   Gautam   Female judge.
    Esma   Czarni   English barrister. Roma background.
        Goos   Investigator.
    Ten   Boom   Protagonist. Lawyer. aka: Bill.
    Olivier   Cayat   Ten's law school friend.
    Agata   Hallstrom   A judge.
    Nikolus   Goodenough   A judge from Trinidad.
        Boldo   Local man with gun.
1   Roger   Clewey   Ten's law school friend.
            Tchotchkes - A small decorative object. A trinket.
    Piet   Boom   Ten's son. aka: Pete.
2   William   Boom   Ten's son. aka: Will.
    Ellen   Boom   Ten's wife. Divorced.
    Helene   Cayat   Olivier's wife.
3   Badu   Danquah   Prosecutor. Former Ghang judge. A boss of Ten's.
    Akemi   Moriguchi   Prosecutor's chief deputy. Female. A boss of Ten's.
    George   Landruff   Ten's lawyer friend in England.
            Gadje - Used as a disparaging term for a non-Romani.
    Laza   Kajevic   Former leader of Bosnian Serbs. In hiding.
            Sui generis - in a class by itself. Unique.
5   Layton   Merriwell   NATO Supreme Commander. A General. aka: Merry.
    Narawanda   Logan   Landlady. Indonesian. aka: Nara.
    Lewis   Logan   Narawanda's husband. An American. aka: Lew.
    Brandi   Rosenberg   Engaged to Pete Boom.
6   Jamie   St. John   A female Captain promoted to Major.
            Caesura - an interruption or a break.
7   Paul       General Merriwell's servant. Viatnamese.
8   Howard       Ten's former wife's new husband.
    Attila   Doby   Airport greeter. aka: Etelka. Former Sergeant. Female.
11   Sinfi       Old woman's sister. A Roma.
13   Sofia   Tchitchikov   Geology professor.
14   Marla   Boom   Ten's sister.
19   Sonny   Klonsky   Federal judge. Female.
    Michael   Wiseman   Sonny's husband. A nationally syndicated columnist.
    Sandy   Stern   Defense lawyer.
    Madame   Johanbani   Esma's client in New York.
22   Walter       Deputy Chief Engineer of the mine.
    Dalija       Police lieutenant.
    Boldo   Mirga   Gypsy boss.
23   Ragnhild   Moen   NATO General. Norwegian. Female.
    Anderson       Military escort person
        Fenec   A NATO Captain.
24   Lothar   Ruehl   NATO Colonel. German.
26   Bojan   Bozic   Private defense lawyer for Kajevic.
    Annisa   Darmadi   Nara's mother. Indonesian.
    Fien       Goos's wife.
27   Emira   Johabani   aka: Esma Czarni. aka: Emiva Zundi.
29   Daan   Bergman   Ten's father's real name.
    Meneer   Bergman   Daan Bergman's brother. A jeweler in Rotterdam.
32   Reeda   James   US Embassy contact.
33       Kelly   African American judge.
    Bavel   Wilson   Cambridge professor.
34   Teressa   Held   Ten's former litigation partner.
            Pré·cis - A summary or abstract of a text or speech.
35   Milly   Hunter   Ten's physician friend.
    Melvin   Hunter   Milly's husband. A black man.
    Ion       Former CoroDyn employee. Now a driver.
    Florica       Sinfi's sister. A Roma.
    Dilfo       Florica's father.
36   Valeria       Attila's wife.