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Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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ProJoniCamilleriThe sensible one.
 DeborahCamden The straight shooter. Aka: Debbie, Deb.
 TrinaChanThe restrained one.
 Eden Elizabeth Chester The musician.
1Matt O'ReillyThe priest Jodi confessed to.
2Mrs. GambleHomeroom teacher.
3Benjamin  Eden's husband. Aka: Ben.
 Leif  Eden's child.
 Connor Civil engineer. Deb's husband.
 Ruby Deb's daughter.
 Josh Trina's husband.
 Maisie Eden's daughter.
 Nate  Trina's son.
 Kai  Joni's husband.
 Luke BerryJoni's crush in high school.
 Joseph  Luke's buddy.
 Kelly CropleyHosted the formal after party.
 Kendra WilliamsBasketball player in high school.
 Pete The head chef at Bellacinos.
 Steve HighburyA high school senior.
5Celine AvenueThe name Joni used to come up with her pseudonym.
 Celine FletcherJoni's pseudonym.
7Budgie  Joni's pet bird.
9Brett  Rock-climbing guide.
10Jared The guy Eden dated in high school.
13Rochelle MacDonaldThe girl who got into an accident on her birthday.
 Sunny The paramedic who helped Joni.
16Aimee  Sale representative for 'The Thermomix'.
 JanChester Eden's mother.
17Clarke The one who took advantage of Eden.
 Jared The guy Eden dated in high school.
 Mr. ArlingtonClarke's father.
21Sage Deb's new baby.
EpiGreg HendersonJodi's classmate in high school.
 Chad ForbesHottest guy in school for Deb.
 Mr. GalleaDesign and tech teacher.