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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1Leonora Always the new girl at school. Aka: Leni, Red.
 ErntAllbrightLeni's father.
 Coraline M.AllbrightLeni's mother. Aka: Cora.
 BoHarlanErnt's friend.
 EarlHarlanBo's father. Aka: Mad Earl.
2Mrs.Golliher Leni's grandmother.
3MargeBirdsallA lawyer who runs a grocery store. Aka: Large Marge.
 TomWalkerMarge neighbor. Aka: Tommy.
4Natalie WatkinsMarge friend.
 GenevaWalkerTom Walker's wife. Aka: Gen, Genny.
 ThelmaSchillEarl's daughter.
 Ted Thelma's husband.
 Marybeth Thelma's daughter. Aka: Moppet.
 Clyde Bo's younger brother.
 Donna Clyde's wife.
 Darryl Clyde's son.
 Dave Darryl's twin brother.
 Agnes Clyde's daughter.
 Marthe Agnes's sister.
 Axle Harlan's relative.
5TicaRhodesLeni's teacher.
 Matthew D.WalkerTom's son. Aka: Mattie.
 Pete A crazy person.
 Matilda Pete's goose.
 CalhounMalveyGeneva's boyfriend.
 EckhartWalkerMatthew's grandfather.
 Lily Eckhart's wife.
6BillyHorchowThe man who tried to kill Tom Walker.
7Ricky A male eagle.
 Lucy A female eagle.
 Alyeska Matthew's sister. aka: Aly.
 Went Matthew's uncle.
8CurtWardA policeman.
9Jim A bartender.
10DieterManseA pilot.
11Dr.IrvingCora's physician.
23Susannah A nurse.
25Cecil Leni's grandfather.
26EvelynChesterfieldCoraline Allbright's new name. Aka: Eve.
 ChadGrantErnt Allbright's new name.
 Susan GrantLeonora Allbright's new name.
 ArcherMadisonOne of the detectives.
 KellerWattOne of the detectives.
27Sondra Mrs. Golliher's friend.
28Dr.PrasherEve's physician.
30Jason MJ's friend.
 Marci The female officer at the front door.
 DembyCowThe court's appointed attorney.
 John A judge.
 Adrian A prosecutor.
 Atki Tom Walker's new wife.
31Darrow Alyeska's husband.
 Kenai One of Leni's children
 Cora  One of Leni's children.
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