Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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1   Sidney   Stark   Publisher at Stephens & Stark Ltd.
    Susan   Scott   One of Juliet's friends who works for Sidney.
    Juliet   Ashton   A journalist. aka: Izzy Bickerstaff.
    Sophie   Strachan   Sidney's sister and Juliet's best friend.
    Alexander   Strachan   Sophie's husband.
    James D.   Strachan   Sophie's son. Juliet's godson.
    Dawsey   Adams   A pig farmer in Guernsey. Founding member Guernsey Society.
    Amelia   Maugery   The glue that holds the Guernsey Society togerther.
    Mr.   Hastings   Helped Juliet look for a copy of Charles Lamb's biography.
    Markham V.   Reynolds, Jr.   A publisher. New York Journal, the Word, View and more.
    Mr.   Hawke   Owner of second-hand bookshop where Juliet used to work.
    Madame   Helena   Juliet's hairdresser.
    Evangeline   Smythe   Juliet's neighbor.
    Gillly   Gilbert   A reporter who got slapped by Juliet.
    Rob   Dartry   A Lieutenant, left at the altar by Juliet.
    Elizabeth   McKenna   Founder of the Guernsey Society.
    John   Booker   A founding member of Guernsey Society.
    Clara   Saussey   A member of the Guernsey Society.
    LePell       A Guernsey dressmaker.
    Mr.   Brouard   Dawsey's neighbor.
    Claudia   Rainey   Dawsey's neighbor.
    Mr.   Tourtelle   Dawsey's neighbor.
    Isola   Pribby   Dawsey's friend. A member of the Guernsey Society.
    Olive   Burns   Juliet's landlady.
    Simon   Simpless   A reverend in St. Hilda's Church.
    Bella   Taunton   A fire warden.
    Evangeline   Smythe   Juliet's neighbor.
    Roderick   Ashton   Juliet's great-uncle.
    Eben   Ramsey   An elderly fisherman and member of Guernsey Society.
    Will   Thisbee   Responsible for adding Potato Peel Pie to Society's name.
    Christina   McKenna   Elizabeth's daughter. aka: Kit.
    Mr.   Dilwyn   A Guernsey banker.
    Mrs.   Dilwyn   Mr. Dilwyn's wife.
    Miss   Tilley   Sidney's secretary.
    Piers   Langley   Sidney's partner.
    Lydia       Sophie's aunt.
    Eli       Eben's grandson.
    Adelaide   Addison   The one who hates the Guernsey Society.
    Ambrose   Ivers   A portrait painter.
    Clovis   Fossey   Guernsey Society member. Took poetry to court Nancy.
    Nancy   Hubert   A widow. Now Clovis's wife.
    Ralph   Murchey   Nancy's suitor.
    Mr.   Fox   Bookshop owner at Guernsey.
    Jane       Eben's daughter. Elizabeth's best friend.
    Dr.   Martin   The Guernsey Island doctor.
    Mr.   Scope   A Guernsey islander.
    Christian   Hellman   Elizabeth's lover and the father of Kit.
    Tobias   Penn-Piers   John's former employer.
    Lady   Tobias   Lord Tobias's wife.
    Chausey       Tobias's butler.
    Mr.   Soames   Dawsey's neighbor.
    Dr.   Lorenz   Head of the German Occupation Hospital.
    Thompson   Stubbins   A London psychiatrist who moved to Guernsey.
    Ian       Amelia's son who died in battle.
    John       Eli's father.
    Mrs.   Hutchins   Ashton's cook.
    Kendrick       Tried to hit Miss Tilley with her telephone.
    Mr.   Lucas   Owner of Juliet's flat.
    Bill       LePell's son.
    Daphne   Post   aka: Miss X.
    Mr.   Tatum   A big fat liar.
    Sally Ann   Frobisher   One of Isola's friends who shared her story to Juliet.
    Dr.   Ormond   Doctor during the occupation.
    Letty       Sally's aunt.
    Micah   Daniels   One of Isola's friends.
    Peter   Jenkins   Lisa's father.
    Lisa       Told German Commandant about John - who is not Lord Tobias.
    Willy   Gurtz   German soldier. Lisa's boyfriend.
2   Jonas   Skeeter   New member of the Guernsey Society.
    Woodrow   Cutter   The reason why Jonas joined the Guernsey Society.
    Henry A.   Toussant   One of the Islanders who wrote to Juliet.
    Billee Bee   Jones   Sidney's new secretary.
    Remy   Giraud   Elizabeth's friend in the Ravensbruck Concentration Camp.
    Cecile   Touvier   Nurse at Hospice La Foret at Louviers in Normandy.
    Alina       Elizabeth and Remy's friend.
    Mr.   Piaget   Innkeeper at Louviers.
    Ariel       Isola's goat.
    Zenobia       Isola's parrot.
    Mr.   Smythe   Beats his dog.
    Mrs.   Guilbert   Called Juliet a nosy parker.
    Mr.   LeBrun   Retired postman.
    Miss   Le Roy   A seamstress. aka: Miss Y.
    Sam   Withers   Cemetery groundskeeper.
    Wally   Beall   Horse-drawn carriage driver.
    Eddie   Meares   Sells information to Germans.
    Mrs.   Adams   Dawsey's mother.
    Josephine       Isola's grandmother. aka: Granny Pheen.
    Muffin       Granny Pheen's cat.
    William   Otis   A graphologist.
    Mr.   Lenoux   Owner of the motorcycle Isola drove.
    Augustus   Sarre   Assigned speaker at the Guernsey Society meeting.
    Ivor       New sub-editor of Stephens & Stark Ltd.
    Giselle   Pelletier   A political prisoner.
    Yvonne   Benoit   One of the Benoit sisters. Invited Juliet for tea.
    Yvette   Benoit   Yvonne's twin sister.
    Mr.   Salles   Market stall owner.
    Raoul   Guillemaux   A famous confectioner.
    Teddy   Heckwith   A plasterer.
    Chester       A joiner.