Characters - Alphabetical
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WallyBloreApplicant at Thale's Folly.
TomBowerWorks at Pittsville Gazette.
Abraham BranowskiThale's Folly's guest every July.
KayombaChibwaOne of the natives of Domo village.
KayombuChibwaOne of the natives of Kitalo village.
JasperCrumbullDeveloper from Bear & Crumbull, Realtors.
CharlieDrummJennifer's date.
IsadoraDuncanAmerican and French dancer who was strangled by her scarf.
HobeElkins Scrap yard owner.
Basil HopkinsFrenchMurder victim.
TobyGravinoHamlet's other name.
AlbertGriggsMerkle's driver and bagman. Hamlet's name.
MwantaKutembaDomo village chief.
Emily L'HommedieuOne of the squatters at Thale's Folly.
SomboLuwejOne of the natives of Kitalo village.
AbnerMargusLawyer in Pittsville.
CalMerkleMerkle's gang leader.
TippyMortonMr. Branowski's employer.
MbumbaNdaleCharge of conspiracy to obstruct the course of justice.
Mr.OmelianukOne of Harriet's strays.
GussiePeaseHarriet's former companion and housekeeper.
ReneRogetThe doctor who examined Basil Hopkins French's body.
XavierSaaboAn author.
Mr.SelkirkHorace's errand boy.
MartinSmytheActing Governor to the Secretary of State.
ZilkaStephanovitchOne of Miss Thales gypsy friends.
JenniferTallantAndrew used to date in college.
Andrew OliverThaleSon of a corporate V.P. and a struggling writer.
Harriet Maria ThaleHorace's aunt . Aka: Drabarni.
HoraceThaleAndrew's father.
ChibindaToloshiCharge of conspiracy to obstruct the course of justice.
Tarragon Sage ValerianOne of the squatters at Thale's Folly.
BillWatsonA doctor.
Allison Andrew's mother.
Artemus  The postmaster and the sheriff.
Asani One of the gypsies.
Bruno Zilka's brother.
Burke  Andrew's friend.
Chuka  One of the gypsies.
Dina  Boutique owner.
Drushano  One of the gypsies.
Gadjakani  One of the gypsies.
Hamlet  One of Harriet's strays.
Jake One of Harriet's strays.
Jane One of Harriet's strays.
Leo  One of the squatters at Thale's Folly.
Linda  Manuel's wife.
Luigi One of the gypsies.
Manuel Tow truck owner and deputy sheriff.
Manuel Jr. Manuel's son.
Merlin  One of Harriet's strays.
Michael  One of the gypsies.
Tekla  One of the gypsies.
Trudy  One of Harriet's strays.
Yorko One of the gypsies.