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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1Sara JaneSmytheThe head housekeeper.
 Mr.BirminghamSara's employer.
 Walter One of the porters.
 Mabel The floor's chambermaid.
 MinnieCamdenTheodore Camden's wife.
 TheodoreCamdenAn architect. Aka: Theo.
 MissMorganLula's nanny.
 Lula Mrs. Camden's daughter.
 Luther Lula's twin brother.
 Edwina One of the laundry girls.
 Mr.DouglasThe building's agent.
2Mrs.AinsworthA couturier.
3BaileyCamdenAn interior designer.
 Tristan Diego's assistant.
 Wanda Tristan's friend.
 DiegoCrespoOne of the best in interior design.
 Lilly-BethLatwickTristan's acquaintance.
 Mrs. AshfieldSimmonsTristan's friend.
 Rocco Bailey's boyfriend.
 Melinda Bailey's cousin.
 Jack Bailey's father.
 Peggy Jack's wife.
 Manvel Melinda's twin brother.
 Sophia Melinda's mother.
4Edward ClarkBuilding owner.
 Fitzroy The head porter.
5HenryHardenbergMr. Camden's boss.
 DaisyCavanaughOne of Sara's assistants.
 Mrs.HainesOne of Sara's assistants.
6Lisa Melinda's acquaintance.
 Tony Melinda's boyfriend.
 FredOsbornCamden's financial advisor.
7Mrs.KnoblauchSara's staff.
 HoracePutnamOne of the tenants.
 Mr.PutnamA lawyer.
 Mr.AinsworthMrs. Ainsworth's husband.
 RichardMorris-HuntAn American architect.
 StaffordRutherfordOwned the biggest house in the neighborhood.
 AlmaRutherfordStafford's wife.
9Christopher Bailey's grandfather.
 KennethWorleyA butler.
 Oscar Kenneth's boss.
 LorenzoDuffyA building super. Aka: Renzo.
10Mr.TatumThe head of the New York Yacht Club.
12Steve The contractor.
13ImogenCuthbergMr. Camden's second cousin.
 Emily Mr. Camden's daughter.
 MissHoneycuttCamden's nanny.
14Seamus Daisy's brother.
 Mr.BatesOne of the tenants.
 Mrs.WestcottOne of the tenants.
15Mr.WiltonA judge.
 Scotty Jack's old friend.
16Mr.O'ConnorOne of the elevator operators.
 Mickey One of Daisy's siblings.
17Mr.HarringtonA judge.
 Dr.WildeMr. Douglas's acquaintance.
 Dr.FieldsThe doctor for the insane.
 MissGarelickOne of the nurses in the asylum.
18Mortimer Renzo's acquaintance.
19MissAldenOne of the nurses in the asylum.
 NataliaFabianoSara's friend.
 Mr.DentThe superintendent in the asylum.
 Marianne An inmate.
22MissCotterOne of the nurses in the asylum.
 NellieBlyAn undercover journalist.
24Mr.RogersThe board president.
27Lydia A retired theater publicist.
28Mr. Smith-RobertsMr. Camden's correspondence.
 Mr.CarmichaelMr. Camden's friend.
 Siobhan Camden's maid.
29Davin A new porter.
33EleanorRigbyA dog.
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