Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1  Monica
 Monica A former corporate lawyer.
 Julian A portrait painter.
 MarySandilandsA midwife.
 AngusWhitewaterA respected leader.
2  Monica
 Benji A barista.
 BeatriceWhitewaterAngus Whitewater's wife.
3  Julian
 Mr.PatelA dentist.
4  Hazard
 Timothy H.FordA former banker. Aka: Hazard.
 Jake Hazard's best friend.
 Blanche Hazard's acquaintance.
5  Monica
 Duncan The man Monica's been dating.
 Hayley One of Monica's friends.
 Pam One of Monica's friends.
 Sally One of Monica's friends.
 Bernadette Monica's stepmother.
6  Hazard
 Gandalf A protagonist in J. R. R. Tolkien's novels.
 Tanya Monica's mother's acquaintance.
 Lettice Monica's great-aunt.
 Tinder Monica's ex-boyfriend.
7  Julian
 PatriciaArbuckleJulian's neighbor.
8  Monica
 Boudicca The queen of the British Celtic Iceni tribe.
 Elizabeth I The Queen of England and Ireland.
 Madonna American singer-songwriter.
9  Hazard
 Andy Hazard's friend.
 Barbara Hazard's acquaintance.
 BarbaraCartlandAn English novelist.
 Neil Hazard's neighbor.
 RitaNorrisOne of Hazard's friends.
 DaphneCorranderOne of Hazard's friends.
 Gunther A teacher.
10  Julian
 JackRussellA dog breed.
 Keith Julian's dog.
 PabloPicassoA Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist.
11  Monica
 Baz Benji's boyfriend.
 EmmelinePankhurst A British political activist.
 JacksonPollockAn American painter.
 Larry A lobster.
 MarianneFaithfullAn English singer.
12  Hazard
 Roderick Daphne's son.
 Cecily Roderick's daughter.
13  Julian
 RileyStevensonMonica's new acquaintance.
 Sophie One of Monica's friends.
 Caroline One of Monica's friends.
15  Riley
 Mrs.FirthRiley's acquaintance.
16  Julian
 MarioManentiAn Italian sculptor.
 EnidBlytonAn English children's writer .
 Quentin Baz's uncle.
 GordonGekkoFilm character.
18  Julian
 AlexanderMcQueenA British fashion designer.
 BettyWuBiming's grandmother.
 Biming Baz's Chinese name.
19  Riley
 Charlie Julian's acquaintance.
 Margaret The younger daughter of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.
 SidViciousAn English bassist and vocalist.
 Nancy Sid Vicious' girlfriend.
 ChristineKeelerAn English model and showgirl.
 MandyRice-DaviesA Welsh-born model and showgirl .
 MickJaggerAn English singer, songwriter, actor, and film producer.
20  Hazard
 Wendy Hazard's acquaintance.
21  Monica
 Mrs.SkinnerOne of Monica's customers.
 Bert The Fulham Football Club fanatic.
22  Julian
 FreddieMercuryBritish singer-songwriter.
 Scaramouche A stock clown character of the16th-century commedia dell'arte.
 Grace Julian's sister.
23  Riley
 BrettButlerOne of Riley's roommates.
 Jamie OliverA British chef and restaurateur.
 NigellaLawsonA food writer, chef and cooking show host.
24  Monica
 EllaFitzgeraldAn American jazz singer.
25  Alice
 AliceCampbellA former account director for a large company.
 Amelie Alice's daughter. Aka: Bunty.
 Max Alice's husband.
 WinstonChurchillFormer Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
27  Monica
 Mrs.CorsellisOne of Monica Café's customer.
 Mr.PorterWebsite owner.
28  Alice
 Valerie Max's mother.
29  Julian
 Vivienne WestwoodA British fashion designer.
 AndyWarholAn American artist, film director, and producer.
34  Alice
 Danielle SteelAmerican writer.
36  Alice
 Beatrix PotterEnglish writer, illustrator, natural scientist and conservationist.
38  Hazard
 JohnLennonAn English singer, songwriter, and peace activist.
39  Monica
 Davina Hazard's acquaintance.
40  Riley
 NicoleKidmanAn Australian actress and producer.
 WojciechSzczęsnyA Polish professional footballer.
 GianniVersaceAn Italian fashion designer.
 DavidBaileyAn English fashion and portrait photographer.
41  Alice
 SeanConneryA Scottish retired actor and producer.
 LizzieGreenAlice's new friend.
42  Julian
 AnyaHindmarchAn English fashion designer.
43  Hazard
 TomCruiseAmerican actor and producer.
 JoanCollinsEnglish actress, author, and columnist.
44  Monica
 KateMossAn English model and businesswoman.
47  Alice
 CalvinKleinFounder of Calvin Klein Inc.
 LucyYeomansEditor of Porter Magazine.
 Mrs.CampbellAlice's mother.
48  Julian
 RaiphLaurenFounder of Ralph Lauren Corporation.
49  Hazard
 Fin One of Hazard's helpers.
 Zac One of Hazard's helpers.
 Queenie One of Hazard's helpers.
53  Lizzie
 Jack Lizzie's husband.
 Mandy Lizzie's friend.
 MaryQuantAn English fashion designer and fashion icon.
 SteveWrightAn English radio personality and DJ.
 Archie Lizzie's acquaintance.
55  Monica
 Annabel Hazard's acquaintance.
58  Rley
 Mrs.PonsonbyRiley's acquaintance.
59  Lizzie
 AudreyHepburnA British actress and humanitarian.
62  Mary
 Gus One of Anthony's sons.
 William One of Anthony's sons.
 Anthony Mary's live-in-partner.
 Delphine Julian's latest model.
65  Hazard
 Leo Hazard's buddies.
69  Hazard
 WilliamShakespeareAn English playwright, poet, and actor.
 DavidBowieAn English singer-songwriter and actor.
 Leonard CohenCanadian singer-songwriter.
71  Monica
 Sue A social worker.
 Mrs.BrooksLizzie's acquaintance.
 JohnnyHayesMonica's neighbor.
 Pele A football player.
 GeorgeBestJulian's acquaintance.
 Jim Julian's new acquaintance.
 Kevin Alan's friend.
 Alan Monica's new acquaintance.
Epi  Dave
 Dave Salima's friend.
 Salima One of the new trainees.
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