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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1Leonce PontellierEdna's husband.
 Madame LebrunManages The House. Robert's mother.
    Farival Twins - Talented twins living in The House.
    The House - building in Grand Isle where Pontelliers stay.
 Edna PontellierLeonce's wife.
 Robert LebrunA bachelor who likes married women. Edna's true love.
3Raoul  Leonce and Edna's son.
 Janet  Edna's younger sister.
4Adele RatignolleThe sewer who likes Edna. Alphonse's wife.
5Alphonse RatignolleAdele's husband.
7Margaret  Edna's older sister.
8Alcee ArobinEdna's love affair.
 Victor LebrunMadame Lebrun's son. Robert's younger brother.
 Montel  Middle-aged man with bad intentions re: the Lebrun household.
9Monsieur FarivalThe Farival Twins's grandfather.
 Madamoiselle ReiszAn artist and pianist.
12Mariequita  Spanish girl Leonce met at the boat.
 Beaudelet  A sailor.
 Francisco  Leonce's acquaintance.
 Sylvano  Leonce's acquaintance.
 Tonie  Leonce's friend. Madame Antoine's son.
13Madame AntoineTonie's mother. The woman accompanying Edna.
 Etienne  Leonce and Edna's son.
15Father FochelA priest at the cathedral.
17Joe  Server.
 Mrs. BelthropBuy and sell businesswoman.
 Mrs. DelasidasDaughter of Leonce's former colleague.
 James HighcampAlcee's friend. Edna's caller.
 Madame LaforceA woman from Carloton.
 Ms. WiggsEdna's caller.
 Eleanor BoltonsEdna's caller.
22Dr. MandeletEdna's old friend. A semi-retired physician.
23Colonel  Edna's father.
 Mortimer MerrimanThe woman that Colonel met at Soiree Musicales.
 Mr. HighcampJames's husband.
29Ellen  Edna's maid.
30Mr. MerrimanA jovial fellow. Mortimer's husband.
 Ms. MaybluntA woman Edna met.
 Gouvernail  Ms. Mayblunt's companion.
 Laitner  Arobin's personal friend.
31Celestine  Old servant.
32Jasper  Edna's uncle.
37Josephine  Adele's nurse.
39Philomel  A cook.


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