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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1TomHarryRusty's father. Aka: Pop.
 MargeHarryTom's sister. Rusty's aunt.
 Danny Tom's cousin. Marge's son.
 Ronny Tom's cousin. Marge's son.
 Arvin Marge's husband. A fireman.
 RussellHarryTom Harry's son. Narrator.
 DariusDuffProxy Shannon's husband.
 Flicka Rusty's friend.
 MarkTwainAn American writer.
 TeddyRoosevelt.The 26th U.S. President.
 HenryFondaActor who played role of Tom Joad in The Grapes of Wrath.
 TomJoadProtagonist in The Grapes of Wrath.
   Shorty's - The smallest Barbershop in Gros Ventre.
 DodeWithrowA sheep rancher. A long-time medicine lodge customer.
   Medicine Lodge - Tom Harry's Saloon.
 Howie An old bartender at Medicine Lodge. Tom Harry's friend.
 Charlie RussellThe cowboy artist who painted Montana.
   Igdrasil - The ancient tree outside of Rusty's new home.
 EarlZaneTom Harry's regular customer at Medicine Lodge.
 BillReinkingThe newspaper editor.
 DuaneZaneEarl's son. Rusty's friend.
2NolaAtkinsTom Harry's housekeeper.
 VelmaSimmsA woman with 4 husbands. Tom Harry's regular.
 HugoAronsonMontana's immigrant governor.
 TurkTurcoThe state highway maintenance man.
 JoeQuiggMontana's power lineman.
 Lucille Howie's wife.
 JimmyHahnRusty's close friend.
 HalBusbyRusty's close friend.
 SidMusgreave Duane's friend.
 TedAustinDuane's friend.
 Mr.NaylorThe school principal in Rusty's school.
 SnooseSyvertsenA sheepherder in Two Medicine. Tom's regular.
 CanadaDanA sheepherder in Two Medicine. Aka: Daniel Korzenowski.
 JoanieJonesRusty's mother. Aka: Jonelle Jones.
 Janie Rusty's former classmate.
 Susie Rusty's former classmate.
 FranklinD. RooseveltThe number 1 in presidential candidacy.
 JohnF. KennedyFranklin Roosevelt's rival.
 NanHillTom Harry's close friend.
 HermanZaneEarl's grandfather.
 PeteConstantineOwner of Top Spot.
 MelinaConstantinePete's wife.
 ZoeConstatntinePete and Melina's daughter.
 Charlie HooperThe Odeon's owner.
3CloyceReinkingBill's wife.
 Rosalind A woman in the Top Spot store.
 Orlando Rosalind's suitor.
 Silvius The cross-eyed shepherd.
 Phebe The fast talking clown touchstoner.
 BenTurpinAn american comedian.
 GrouchoMarxAn american comedian.
 BetteDavisAn american actress.
 OscarWildeA famous author.
 Ernest A fictional character.
 Cecily A fictional character.
 Charlie ChaplinA comic actor.
 MaryPickfordA film actress.
 DouglasFairbanksAn american actor.
 Joe The beerman.
 The VicePresidentThe Vice President in charge of brewing.
 Irv The travelling secretary.
 LamontCranstonA radiocaster.
 PhilipD. RobertsonThe collector of missing voices.
   The Blue Eagle - Tom Harry's former Saloon.
4AlanLomaxA musicologist.
 HuddieLedbetterThe greatest blues player.
 RexfordTugwellFranklin Roosevelt's brain trust.
 ChickJenningsThe Pastime owner.
5CurlyMartinTom Harry's old friend.
 CeceMedwickTom Harry's old acquaintance.
 ChickSideriusTom Harry's old acquaintance.
 CarlKinnickThe sheriff in Two Medicine country.
6ProxyDuffDarius Duff's wife. Ex-dancer at Blue Eagles. Aka: Proxy Shannon.
 FrancineDuffTom and Proxy's daughter. Rusty's step-sister. Aka: France.
7HughDuffFrancine's uncle.
 MegDuffFrancine's aunt. Hugh's wife.
 EleanorRooseveltFranklin Roosevelt's first lady.
9MarilynMonroeA famous actress.
 ClarkGableAn american actor.
 MoseAllisonA Mississippi delta bluesman of the first order.
10Juliet ProwseA dancer.
 ElvisPresleyA famous rockstar.
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