Characters - Alphabetical
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Mary JaneAbbottJoe's girlfriend.
LizAndersonClubmobile group field captain.
FredAstaireAdele's brother.
DannyBarkerSecond Lieutenant in the US Air Force. Fiona's fiancé.
EvelynBarkerDanny's mother.
JoeBrandonCaptain in the Twenty-Eighth Infantry Division.
ColonelBrooksOne of the officers in Belgium.
Dr.CaplanDoctor from the POW infirmary.
NelsonCarmichaelOne of the GIs.
JudithChambersRed Cross field director.
PaulCooganOne of the GIs.
Lt. ColonelCraighillUS Command's quarters OIC.
FrankieCullenOne of the clubmobile girls.
FionaDenningAssistant in mayor's office. One of the clubmobile girls. Aka: Fi.
GaryDentLIFE magazine photographer.
BridgetDoyleTommy's sister.
TommyDoyleOne of The GIs from Leicester.
BlancheDumondOne of the clubmobile girls.
JimmyEnglishOne of the clubmobile drivers.
 FisherCaptain of the Liberty ship.
HarveyGibsonCommissioner of the American Red Cross in Great Britain.
DennisGoodwinArmy Air Force Band's male vocalist.
PatrickHalloranOne of The GIs from Leicester.
1st Lt. DonHayesThe new leader of Glenn Miller's band.
MarionHillClub Victoire director.
JasonHoffmanOne of the GIs in Belgium.
AndrewJonesMajor General of the army.
SamKatzOne of The GIs from Leicester.
ArthurKimballHost of the secret Glenn Miller concert.
EdwardLandonOne of The GIs from Leicester. Aka: Eddie.
 LewisOne of the military officers.
VeraLynnJimmy's cat.
CorporalMcAllisterOne of the training officers.
RayMcKinleyConducted the Major Glenn Miller's American Band.
GlennMillerArmy major and bandleader.
HankMillerCaptain Moretti's old friend.
PeterMorettiEighty-Second Airborne Captain.
Major BillO'BrienArmy liaison for the clubmobile girls.
VivianaOcchipintiOne of the clubmobile girls. Aka: Viv.
ReverendPaytonRoyal Air Force chaplain.
ArthurReedMartha's boyfriend.
JoySandersStarlettes's band leader.
Captain GuySherryOne of the American officers in France.
MarthaSlatteryFarm girl from Iowa. One of the clubmobile girls.
DottieSousaElementary music teacher. A clubmobile girl. Aka: Dots.
ChrisSullivanOne of the POWs. One of Danny's best friends.
Mrs.TibbettsFarmhouse owner. Aka: Ginny.
 TobinCity mayor. Fiona's boss.
LeeValentiOne of the POWs. One of Danny's best friends.
Harold WestwoodMember of the British Royal Air Force. Aka: Harry.
Adele Red Cross woman. Aka: Lady Cavendish.
Alan One of the GIs.
Anne Jimmy's late daughter.
Aria Viv's sister.
Axel One of the younger German soldiers.
Baby Brown baby goat.
Barbara Nelson's dog.
Bernie One of the band members.
Cal One of the GIs from the command post.
ChiChi One of the clubmobile girls from New York.
Darcy One of Fiona's sisters.
Deidre One of Fiona's sisters.
Dick Clubmobile's GI liason.
Doris One of the clubmobile girls.
Eileen Tommy's mother.
Elisabeth Fritz's mother.
Fritz The boy in Vielsalm who took the clubmobile girls in.
George One of the GIs.
Gianna Aria's new baby.
Helen One of the clubmobile girls.
Jens German soldier.
Joseph Danny's father.
Marco Dottie's brother.
Marty One of The GIs.
Monty One of the GIs.
Nate One of the GIs from the command post.
Niamh One of Fiona's sisters.
Norman British driving instructor.
Phillip One of the GIs in the ship.
Richie Dottie's younger brother.
Rick Frankie's late husband.
Roger One of the POWs. One of Danny's best friends.
Ronald One of the GIs. Aka: Ronny.
Ruthie One of the clubmobile girls.
Shirley Jimmy's late wife.
Speckles Mrs. Tibbetts bird.
Stan The mess sergeant.
Thelma Monty's girlfriend.
Tim Martha's neighbor.
Timmy One of The GIs.
Trevor One of the clubmobile drivers.
Wayne One of the band members.
Wolf One of the younger German soldiers.
Wyatt Army medic.