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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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 Sideburns The paramedic.
 Maya The woman who was in love with a paramedic.
 Marvin An elderly man who lives in Maya's building.
 Martin A gambler. Maya's neighbor.
 Gerwer Maya's doctor.
 Earl Kyle's grandfather.
 Tuuli Earl's wife.
 Sarah Earl's daughter.
 Reginald Sarah's ex-lover.
 Dennis Sarah's former lover. Kyle's father. Anna's father.
 Harold A junk buyer. Bernice customer.
 Stevie An old junkie. Henry's neighbor and only friend.
 Linda Henry's social worker. Disabled Brain's disability worker.
 Henry A drug addict. Aka: Hank.
 J. RobertOppenheimerThe man that Henry befriended. Aka: Oppie.
 DavidOppenheimerThe second mayor.
 Brenda Henry's colleague.
 Wanda Bernice's younger sister.
 Bernice Wanda's elder sister.
 Gus Bernice's husband. Aka: Gustavo.
 Tuan Bernice's workmate. A store volunteer.
 Karla A thrift store volunteer.
 Carol Bernice's new supervisor.
 Brian The surgeon. Wanda's lover.
 Pete Carol's supervisor.
 DisabledBrainThe unnamed narrator. Rick's companion.
 Rick Disabled Brain's companion.
 Baldev Rick's landlord.
 Dan A dog lover. One of the protagonists.
 IhorKuziakA dog breeder.
 SandyKuziakIhor's wife.
 Winston Dan's best friend and band mate.
 Marta The girl Winston impregnated.
 Buddy Dan's dog.
 Ginnie The dog owner that Dan met.
 Josephine Ginnie's dog.
 Jacob Winston's son.
 SaulColumboA mental patient.
 Georgina Saul's co-patient.
 Luis A new nurse.
 DarkoKarepevicSaul's psychiatrist.
 Janet Saul's former nurse.
 Margo One of the psych nurses.
 MartinShenckThe minister of mental health.
 Roberta The duty nurse.
 Tina Saul's friend.
 IsaacColumboSaul's younger brother. The beggar.
 JacobDrubinskiA psychiatrist.
 Frieda Georgina's nurse.
 Finch Jerzy's brother.
 Jerzy Finch's brother.
 SamPrinceAnna's husband. Isaac's companion.
 AnnaPrinceA casting director. Sam's wife.
 Cricket Sam and Anna's daughter.
 Gretchen Anna's mother.