Book Companion Logo  THE BEST MAN TO DIE
Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1Jack PertweeThe man who was going to marry.
 George CarterJack's Dars Club co-member. The Morris dancer.
 Marilyn ThompsonJack's fiancĂ©.
 Bill  The barman.
 Charlie HattonJack's best man.
 Jonathan  Charlie's brother.
 Maurice CullamJack's companion at the bar. Lorry driver.
 Mike BurdenThe police inspector of Kingmarksham.
 Lilian Bardsley-HattonCharlie's wife.
2Wexford  The detective chief inspector. Protagonist.
 Sheila WexfordWexford's daughter.
 Clytemnestra  Sheila's new dog.
 Sylvia WexfordWexford's daughter.
 Sebastian  Clytemnestra's real owner.
 Dr. CrocketThe police's doctor.
 Dora WexfordWexford's wife.
 Dorothy FanshaweThe car crash survivor.
3Mr. Pertwee Sr.Jack's father.
 Bayles  One of Jack's colleagues.
4Camb  The police sergeant.
5Jerome FanshaweDorothy's husband. Deceased.
 Nora FanshaweDorothy's wife. Deceased.
 Mrs. BrowneDorothy's sister.
 Rose  Dorothy's nurse.
6Dominic CullamMaurice's son.
 Barnabas CullamMaurice's son.
 Samantha CullamMaurice's daughter.
 Georgina CullamMaurice's daughter.
 Jane CullamMaurice's daughter.
 Alexander James McCloyThe mysterious man.
 Joylon VigoCharlie's dentist.
7Jim BardsleyLilian's brother.
10John UpdikeMr. Fanshawe's solicitor.
 Martin  One of Wexford's policemen.
11Carol PearsonA hairdresser's improver. Missing.
 Doreen DacresMissing.
 Bridget CulrossNurse. Missing. Aka: Bridie.
 Loring  The detective constable.
13Mark DraytonWexford's predecessor.
 Mr. PontiA hairstylist. Carol's boss.
 Home SisterHead of the nursing home.
 Nurse LewisOne of the nurses in the Nursing Home. Bridie's workmate.
 Jay  Bridie's boyfriend.
15Michael JamesonNora's boyfriend.
17Lewis  A police inspector.
 Letts  A police inspector.