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Characters By Chapter
Ry Smith
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1   John   Gutfreund   Salomon Brothers CEO.
    Howie   Rubin   Salomon Brothers bond trader. Lost $250K.
    Meredith   Whitney   Financial analyst at Oppenheimer who spoke out.
    Steve   Eisman   FrontPoint Manager at Oppenheimer. Trained Whitney.
    John   Paulson   Hedge Fund Manager. Bet against subprime mortgage bonds.
    Alice   Schroeder   Oppenheimer employee. 
    Sy   Jacobs   Analyst at Salomon Brothers.
    Lewie   Ranieri   Founding father mortgage bond market.
    Vincent   Daniels   Audited Salomon Brothers. aka: Vinny.
    Valerie   Eisman   Steve Eisman's wife.
    Porter   Collins   Olympic oarsman. Early Eisman employee.
    Danny   Moses   Eisman's head trader.
2   Michael   Burry   San Jose, CA bond analyst. Founded Scion Capital.
    Joel   Greenblatt   Author and value investment guru.
    Jack   Byrne   Part of Warren Buffett's inner circle.
    Greg   Lippmann   Head subprime mortgage trader at Deutsche Bank.
3   Eugene   Xu   On Lippmann's quantitative team.
4   Gene   Park   AIG employee
    Joe   Cassano   AIG CEO.
5   Charlie   Ledley   Cornwall Capital partner who bets against Wall Street.
    Jamie   May   Works with Ledley at Cornwall Capital.
    David   Burt   Market expert hired by Ledley and May.
9   Howie   Hubler   Ran Morgan Stanley's asset-backed bond trading. Lost $9 billion!
    Mike   Edman   Worked for Hubler. Had Credit Default Swap idea.
    Ben   Hockett   Bond trader at Cornwall Capital.