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Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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1Guy de BrisaySternwoodAn elderly millionaire. Aka: General Sternwood.
 PhilipMarlowePrivate detective. Aka: Doghouse Reilly.
 CarmenSternwoodGeneral Sternwood's daughter.
2Vincent NorrisGeneral Sternwood's butler.
 TaggartWildeDistrict Attorney.
 BernieOhlsThe D.A.'s chief investigator.
 TerranceReganEx-bootlegger and Vivian's husband. Aka: Rusty.
 Joseph BrodyOne of Geiger's men. Aka: Joe.
 Arthur GwynnGeigerA pornographer who runs an illegal smut rental shop.
 VivianSternwoodCarmen's older sister. Aka: Mrs. Regan.
5CharlieChanFictional Honolulu police detective.
8Mathilda Mrs. Regan's maid.
9OwenTaylorThe Sternwoods' chauffeur.
 JohnDillingerAmerican gangster.
11MarcelProustFrench novelist, critic, and essayist.
 EddieMarsLeader of a gambling racket.
 LarryCobbVivian's date.
14AgnesLozelleThe front girl for Geiger's pornography rentals.
16CarolLundgrenGeiger's young homosexual lover.
18CaptainCronjagerLocal police captain.
20AlGregoryAn officer at the Missing Persons Bureau.
 Abba Gregory's secretary.
23Lanny One of Eddie Mars's men.
25HarryJonesUnskilled criminal.
 MonaGrantEddie Mars's wife. Aka: Mona Mars, Silver-Wig.
 LashCaninoEddie Mars's trigger-happy gunman.
26Mr.SchiffOwner of the Glendower Apartments.
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