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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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ProChristina The first-born child of an African-American couple.
 Alfred Daniel One of Christina's brothers.
 Michael One of Christina's brothers.
 Martin LutherKing Jr.American Baptist minister and activist.
 Harold EarlMaloneAn agent for the Justice department. Aka: Cotton Malone.
 Pam Cotton Malone's wife.
 Gary Cotton Malone's son.
 RosaParksAmerican activist.
1SueWeilerBob's wife.
 BobWeilerCotton Malone's friend.
2StephanieNelleWorked at the Justice department.
3Rona Buford's wife.
 BufordBrinleeCotton Malone's friend.
4JamesJansenAn FBl agent.
 SamuelMuddAmerican physician.
7JuanLopez ValdezFormer asset of both the FBl and the ClA.
 ColeenPerryA cop.
13BenjaminFosterColeen's father. Aka: Ben.
14John EdgarHooverFormer director of the FBl.
 FrankChurchFormer member of the US senate.
16RalphAbernathyAmerican activist.
 CountBassieAmerican jazz pianist.
 OtisReddingAmerican singer-songwriter.
 RayCharlesAmerican singer-songwriter.
 ArethaFranklinAmerican singer-songwriter.
 LouisArmstrongAmerican trumpeter.
 AndrewYoungFormer US ambassador of the United Nations.
 JesseJacksonAmerican civil rights activist.
 SolomonJonesKing's driver.
17James EarlRayAmerican convicted felon. Aka: Raoul.
 NatePerryColeen's husband.
18LoydJowersA restaurant owner.
20JimmyHoffaAmerican labor leader.
 TomOliverA retired deputy director of the FBl.
21StanleyLevisonAmerican businessman who became an activist.
 John F. Kennedy35th US president.
 Lyndon B.Johnson36th US president.
23Eric S.GaltThe name used by James Earl Ray while he was in Mexico.
 ManuelaMedranoEric's friend.
 MarkFreemanA psychologist.
 GeorgeWallaceFormer governor of Alabama.
 RamseyClarkAmerican lawyer.
26CorettaKingMartin Luther King's wife.
27StokelyCarmichaelA political activist.
 ElijahMuhammedA political leader.
 Jamil A.Al-Amin5th chairman of the student nonviolent coordinating committee.
30BruceLaelBenjamin Foster's acquaintance.
31Cecilia HeathBruce Lael's ex-wife. Aka Cie.
32HenryFlaglerAmerican industrialist.
 DanVeddernFBl administrator.
33FidelCastroFormer prime minister of Cuba.
39JeanSebergAmerican actress.
42HoseaWilliamsAmerican civil rights leader.
 Lee HarveyOswaldThe man who assassinated President John F. Kennedy.
52JackRubyThe man who killed Oswald.
57RoyWilkinsAn activist.
59EugeneMcCarthyFormer US senator.
60Pharaoh A ruler or monarch of ancient Egypt.
61Gandhi An Indian lawyer.
 Medgar EversAmerican civil rights activist.
 JimmyLee JacksonAfrican-American veteran and civil rights activist.
 JamesReebAmerican minister.
 ViolaLiuzzioCivil rights activist.
EpiBarackObama44th US president.
 DannyDanielsAmerican choreographer.
 BillClinton42nd US president.
 Abraham Lincoln16th US president.