Characters - Alphabetical
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JohnBarnesA footballer.
KimBeansAn investigative reporter.
KateBeckinsaleEnglish actress and model.
BrianBensonOne of the cops.
PatriciaBradfordA divorced mother of three and in her 4th term on the city council.
George W. Bush43rd U.S. President.
AgathaChristieAn English writer.
BillClinton42nd U.S. President.
MattCrowleyOne of the cops.
Richard J.DaleyFormer Mayor of Chicago.
EricaDanielsOne of the hookers.
ClarenceDarrowAmerican lawyer.
ShawDeCremerOnce served under the first President Bush's attorney general.
FrancisDelaneyThe mayor.
RamonaDillavouThe manager of the brownstone brothel.
TristanDriscollThe police superintendent.
Dwight D.Eisenhower34th U.S. President.
KatherineFentonA detective. Aka: Kate.
HeidiFleissRan an upscale prostitution ring based in Los Angeles.
Mrs.GingerIn-charge at the CCD.
Michael LeonardGoldbergerThe chief of the Bureau of Internal Affairs. Aka: Goldie.
Daniel CollinsHarneyThe chief of detectives.
PatriciaHarneyA detective. Aka: Patti.
WilliamHarneyA cop. Patti's twin brother. Aka: Billy
JillJagodaBilly's doctor.
AmyLentiniThe assistant state's attorney.
Mary Ann LentiniAmy's mother.
Jacqueline C.LightfordA forensic scientist.
SpencerLipscombA forensic scientist with the Illinois State Police.
NgosiMacNamaraAn assistant state's attorney.
MarkMadisonAn evidence technician for CPD.
WalterMcCabeThe judge.
EstefanMoralesThe County Commissioner.
Margaret OlsonThe Cook County state's attorney.
Michael XavierPhelanAn archbishop.
ChefPierreA British chef.
RickReynoldsA new detective working with Soscia.
 SanchezOne of the hookers.
LorettaScopesOlson's assistant.
LannySosciaA cop. Aka: Sosh.
JohnTedescoA congressman.
StilsonTomitaBilly's lawyer.
DonaldTrump45th U.S. President.
MarkTwainAmerican writer.
JoeWashingtonA sergeant. Aka: Mr. Camel Coat.
BradyWilsonA film critic who has a TV show.
PaulWizniewskiA police lieutenant. Aka: Wiz.
Aiden One of Patti's brothers.
Ann Marie Stewart's wife.
Annabelle Stewart's granddaughter.
Ava J. One of the hookers.
Brendan One of Patti's brothers.
Chocolate Q. A rapper.
Courtney G. One of the hookers.
Grace Stewart's daughter.
Krista K. One of the hookers.
Ladis Former CPD.
Leann L. One of the hookers.
Marnie B. One of the hookers.
Pameresh Billy's doctor.
Stewart Billy's acquaintance.
Valerie Billy's wife.