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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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   Part 1
1HannahWeinbergThe leader of Isaac Weinberg Center for Study of Anti-Semitism in France.
 AlainLambertHannah's contact at the Interior Ministry.
 IsaacWeinbergHannah's paternal grandfather.
 RachelLevyThe head of Isaac Weinberg's center of publicity department.
 ArthurGoldmanThe eminent historian of anti-Semitic from Cambridge.
 MaxwellStraussThe eminent historian of anti-Semitism from Yale.
 MarcWeinbergIsaac's father.
2PaulRousseauAlpha group's chief.
 ColletteRousseausPaul's wife. Deceased.
 MadameTrevillePaul's long-time secretary.
 ChristianBouchardRousseau's deputy.
 SafiaBourihaneThe black widow. The terrorist in-charge of the Isaac Weinberg center bombing.
 LucienJacquardThe chief of DGSI's counterterrorism division.
3MikhailAbramovThe secret intelligence service of the State of Israel.
 SamiHaddadScion of the Mansour of Antiquities-dealing.
4UziNavotMikhail's chief.
 Saladin The Isis's leader. Aka: Salah Ad-din Yusuf Ayyub.
5IreneAllonGabriel's mother.
 RaphaelAllonGabriel's son.
 Irene (2)AllonGabriel's daughter.
 EphraimCohenThe Museum's chief of conservation.
 Cravaggio Gabriel's former colleague.
6AriShamronThe two-time former chief of the office of intelligence of Israel.
 MarioDelvechhioAn Italian expatriate.
 AbuJihadOne of Israel's most dangerous foes.
 YasirArafatAbu Jihad's boss.
 DanielAllonGabriel's first son.
 LeahAllonGabriel's first wife.
 ZiziAl-BakariThe investment manager for the house of Saud.
7IyadAl-HamzahA Syrian antiquities seller.
8ChiaraAllonGabriel's new wife.
 ArnoldToynbeeA British historian and economist.
9JulianAsherwoodAn Art dealer.
10DeniseJaubertPaul's former student. Sabri's lover.
 SabriAl-KhalifaThe leader of the Palestinian terror group black September.
11MargreetJanssenA girl terrorist.
12EliLavonA street surveillance artist. Gabriel's colleague.
 YaakovRossmanA veteran agent runner.
 YossiGavishA top researcher.
 RimonaSternYossi's colleague. Shamron's niece.
 DinaSaridThe top terrorism specialist. Gabriel's colleague.
 KyleTaylorChief of CIA's counterterrorism center.
 AdrianCarterThe current Director of CIA.
 Mordecai One of Gabriel's all-purpose field agents.
 Oded Mordecai's colleague.
13FareedBarakayJordan's GID chief.
14AhmadAl-KhalylehThe drunk man who converted himself into a Muslim.
 Abu MuhammadAl-MaqdasiThe cellblock leader. A firebrand preacher.
 AymanAl-ZawahiriAl-Qaeda's 2nd in command.
 JalalNasserAn ISIS member. Saladin's man in Europe.
15Damascus Saladin's wife.
 Zahir Saladin's son.
 BellaNavotUzi's wife.
 OmarAl-KhattabA close confidant of Mohammad.
16NatalieMizrahiA senior physician. Paul's spy. Aka: Leila Hadawi.
 AyeletMalkinThe shift supervisor.
 Yoav One of the Shabak officers.
 Hamid The wounded Palestinian.
 MarcGellerOne of the shift supervisors.
20MahmoudDarwishThe semi-official poet of Palestinian nationalism.
 Abdel RahimAl-SouwiOne of the ISIS terrorists.
 YahyaAyyashISIS's engineer.
   Part 2
21Double A Natalie's briefer.
 SayyidQutbThe founder of modern Islamism.
22LeilaKhaledThe famous freedom fighter.
 Henri Leila Khaled's boyfriend.
 ZiadAl-MasriThe boy Leila falls in love with.
23NabilAwadA salafist. Fareed's colleague.
30MonaEl-BazLeila's former classmate.
 Isa The ISIS prophet.
31RolandGirardThe clinic's administrative director.
 GrahamSeymourThe chief of Britain's secret intelligence.
 FaroukGhoziThe hotel owner. Natalie's travel companion.
34AdrianCarterChief of CIA's directorate of operations.
37Abu BakrAl-BaghdadiThe caliph.
 Abu AhmedAl-TikritiThe ISIS commander.
38Bushra One of the girl ISIS members.
 Selma One of the girl ISIS members. A suicide bomber.
39Massoud The ISIS camp director.
 Cairene One of Massoud's assistants.
 Ismail One of Massoud's assistants.
41AbuAhmedOne of Saladin's associates.
   Part 3
46GilahShamronAri's wife.
48QassamEl-BannaA Muslim IT professional who lives in New York. One of Saladin's associates.
 AminaEl-BannaQassam's wife.
49LarryBlackburnQassaam's former supervisor.
50SamanthaCookeA reporter.
 OmarAl-FaroukThe alleged terrorist.
58Fatimah One of the freightliners.
 EamonQuinnThe man who built the canary wharf bomb.
   Part 4
79TimothyPeelGabriel's neighbor.
 MauriceDurandThe most successful art thief.
 LuigiDonatiThe pope's private secretary.
 PaulVIIThe pope.